How Vanessa Is Making $58,000/month Helping Coaches Publish Their Books And Become Best Sellers

How Vanessa Is Making $58,000/month Helping Coaches Publish Their Books And Become Best Sellers


How Vanessa Is Making $58,000/month Helping Coaches Publish Their Books And Become Best Sellers

Niche: Helping Coaches publish their books and become best selling authors.  

Here's what we cover:

1. Why Vanessa was getting burned out using classic methods of consulting. 

2. How Vanessa taught her son and husband about her business to form a team.

3. Vanessa’s simple method for getting clients now. 

4. What Vanessa is helping her clients achieve with their businesses

5. Fame versus client results 

Vanessa’s #1 piece of advice for members:

Make things simple, don’t overthink things and just go for it. 


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Sam Ovens: Hey everyone it's Sam Ovens here, and today we've got Vanessa Moss on with us. Vanessa is a student of consulting accelerator program and she helps coaches publish their books and become best selling authors. Vanessa's got an awesome story, when she joined the consulting accelerator program she was making decent money, but it was all off the back of doing interviews and podcasts and referrals and things like that. So, she had to really hustle and then when she got sick, all of a sudden that just drops down because she couldn't hustle every day. Then she joined the consulting accelerator program to really try and figure out how to turn it more into a machine and into a predictable process that can run day in, day out and produce clients and know what limits she has to pull to produce clients even if she's sick or not at work, which is something ... I'm looking forward to this interview because this is something that most people lack. There's a lot of consultants out there that make decent money, but it's off the back of serious 12 hour a day hustle. When they can't do that, as you experienced, it just disappears. So, let's start back at this position you were in just before joining. What was life like and business like back then? Vanessa Moss: Horrible. So, I've gone through a really great period. I've gone through a really, really great period, but I was completely burnt out. Completely burn out, I have six children as well so I wasn't seeing my kids, I was working from morning until late at night. Never knew where a client was coming from, but like I said, I was doing great but I was completely hustling for it. Then I just got really, really, really sick. Like really sick, to the point where I was having 10 seizures a day. So, I was having 10 seizures a day, hustling. Sam Ovens: What happened to you? Vanessa Moss: My head ... basically my skull started to collapse and it was pressing on my brain stem. Sam Ovens: Wow. Vanessa Moss: [inaudible 00:02:25] I couldn't move my arms, I couldn't move my legs, I couldn't do anything. I was in bed, I was in a real mess. So, anyway everything was going great but I was hustling, hustling completely burnt out and then I started to get really sick. I couldn't hustle anymore and my income just basically went like that, and I'm the sole earner for my family. So, while I was laying in bed not being able to do anything and having the seizures, I got constant worry all the time, because it was like how am I going to pay for everything? How am I going to take care of everything? We was living over seas [inaudible 00:03:11]. All of my medical costs I have to pay for, so my savings was just going down and down and down as well. So, yeah I went through a period of probably three, four months where I couldn't do anything at all. I just knew that I haven't got ... even though it looked great, the money coming in, I haven't got a real business. What I've got was just this crazy every day wake up and what the hell am I going to do, but I'm going to hustle and I'm going to make some money. There was nothing solid there, it wasn't a real business because as soon as I got sick, it just went down. I didn't know what I was going to do. So, yeah that's where I was. Sam Ovens: What things were you doing to generate clients back then? You said hustle, but what do you mean by hustle? Vanessa Moss: Basically I was working my network, I was doing interviews, I was doing mail outs. Gosh, what else was I doing? Partnering with people, I was just ... there was just so many things going on every day to bring those clients in. There wasn't just that one thing that was following people through all the time. Sam Ovens: No work horse, just going at it and tipping away. Vanessa Moss: Yeah, and I must say I've been coaching with somebody and it was nothing in that program. Everything was just about networking and I'm not saying anything negative about that, but it was just networking. Partnering, being seen here there and everywhere. So, there was all this stuff to do, which took loads of time. Even though it was working for me, I was absolutely exhausted. Yeah, it was crazy. Sam Ovens: It's funny because that way does work. That's the old school way, go speak on stages, do podcasts interviews, all of that. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: For me, I'm an interviewer so that was the absolute worse thing for me, so I had to figure out how to go around it. Vanessa Moss: I'm the same, I just want to sit on my butt guard and see nobody and build a great business. Yeah, I was absolutely burnt out and then my head stuff popped up and I think it was just like a big sign from the universe to say I'm going to put you on your back for a while. You're going to figure this out, you're going to go build something strong. Sam Ovens: Got it, and then how did you come across consulting accelerator? Vanessa Moss: I was flat on my back in bed and I knew I had to do something. I got an email and it was a Ty Lopez email and he was interviewing you on something and because of that ... he was talking about how you can consistently generate new clients and I was like oh I'll check this out. I went and checked it out and that's when I went through the [inaudible 00:06:47]. Sam Ovens: Got it, and what interested you in this? Vanessa Moss: Consistent, just something that was going to bring in consistent clients. The simplicity of it, because when I brought in this, this, this, this, this, I just wanted to now shut everything down and just simplicity. I also got to a point where it was like I was so exhausted from being online all the time. I kind of wanted to step away from that light, I didn't want to start stepping away from having to post on social media every day and having to be the face of something every day. I just wanted to close down, focus on my healing and just have something that was solid that was going to bring clients in. So, that's what completely hooked me in, it was like I can rest, get well and I can have that flow in and start to build a real solid business. Just have something that felt real and proper. Sam Ovens: Got it. Makes sense, something really predictable. You know if you pull this lever, that thing is going to move. Vanessa Moss: Yeah, yeah. I can train that person up and that person can do it for me and I can have that person who can do it. So, it's like I can take myself out of it now. Whereas the other way, I couldn't do that because who was going to do an interview and who was going to go networking and who was going to be set on Facebook all day, on Instagram and all these other places? No one. Sam Ovens: I'm still trying to figure that out. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: So, you joined the program, which makes sense. You really had ... you were forced to figure out how to solve this. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: Then you joined and what happened after you joined? Vanessa Moss: So, I joined on ... I think it was around the twelfth of January, I joined. Then I got really sick and we did a big move back to the UK, so I my focus was on getting back to the UK. So, I didn't even look for a month or something like that. Then when I was like all right start looking at it now, I started ... because as well, I think I've been doing so many things. The coach that I was working with before was always like create something else and create something else, and create something else. So, I've got all these different things that I created and it was just like when I joined and when I started to look at the program it was like I'm going to become a pro now. I'm going to have that one thing that I'm just going to completely master and I'm going to sell over and over again. One of the first things I did when I come in, I got really, really clear on who my niche was and then from that I made a really solid decision that I was going to release all these other little things that were draining my time. I was putting a lot of effort into them, but they weren't really making me that much money, so I let go of all of them and I just really focused on that one product. Sam Ovens: What's some examples of some things you were putting energy into that you ended up letting go of? Vanessa Moss: I was doing my book, so I got my book program that I was helping coach to write their books and become best selling authors, which was going great. I launched then a multi author book, which was a complete nightmare. The people that jumped into it, some were great, some weren't great to work with. That's just being completely honest, what I found with that experience was it just brought a lot of people to it that didn't want to do the work, but wanted a lot of your time, etc. it was low cost so it wasn't ... it was taking a lot of time with the people and it was low cost. So that was one of the things, the multi author. The other thing was, a lot of people were asking me to support them in the business so then I was helping support them in the business as well. I was doing media for people as well, so there was like a few different things going on. When I looked at everything I just looked at the core thing that was making the money and it was the books and becoming best selling author. So, I let the other things go. Sam Ovens: Got it. Nice, and what happened then? Vanessa Moss: Then I let those go and then I just started doing the organic outreach. I started on with that, but I taught my son how to do it so [inaudible 00:12:26]. For me, so I taught my son how to do that. My son started doing that for me, and people coming through and booking him for calls and everyone that was coming through, I was converting probably like three out oof five that were coming through. Sam Ovens: Got it. Vanessa Moss: So, we started with that and then we got the pay marked up and people have started to come through there. I've been able to teach my husband and I've been able to teach my son as well. So, now I've got my family now on my team who are doing it, so it's not so much on me anymore. I'm kind of more like overseeing everything now. Sam Ovens: Got it. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: Can you just move into the center of the screen a little bit more? Yeah that one is good. What happens is this software cuts it and split screens it and you'll be off. Thanks. So, you were able to go from doing all this hustling stuff, where you're putting all of your energy in lots of spots to focusing on one offer, which was the main thing. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: Then you were also getting your son to do some organic outreach and then you did ads. You set up ads in a funnel and everything. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: What's your process, how does that work from an ad, what funnel are you putting them through and what's the end thing that the user is doing? Are they scheduling a strategy session or what's going on there? Vanessa Moss: Yeah, yeah. So, the ad is targeted to coaches. They're coming through to watch a ... they come through, they're registered to watch a free case study that teaches them how to build a coaching business with a best selling book. When they watch that then they register for a strategy session and then I do the sales call with them. Sam Ovens: Got it. How's that changed things in your life and business? Vanessa Moss: It's just simple now. It's just really simple, so I know now that I've got the ability to make a sale a day if I want to make a sale. I've got the ability to make a sale a day now. Sam Ovens: Got it. Vanessa Moss: So, yeah. It's great. Sam Ovens: What's in your offer? The main thing that you sell to people, what do you offer to them in that? Vanessa Moss: Oh, so the program that I have. The program that I've got is a six month program, we take them from wanting to write a book to coming up with the topic outline in the book, creating the book, publishing the book and then we take over and then we do the marketing to take it to best seller. So, it's a six month process, it's really simple. Over the six months they get six calls. I have someone now on team that does the calls with the people and then on the release date we get access to their accounts and we do the marketing then to take it to best seller. Sam Ovens: Got it. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: When you ... so, your offer, it's an online course. Is it like a program and you also provide some Q&A calls? Vanessa Moss: Yeah. It's an online program so they can access it online, but then they also get six, one to one calls with a book coach. Then monthly calls over the six months, it's a 30 minute call once a month over the six months just to support them on that months ... because each month has a module so they're working on that module for the month and then the call is to support them with the topic for that module. Sam Ovens: Got it. Vanessa Moss: That's it, they just have that check in call with the coach and then they release and then we do the best seller campaign for them. Sam Ovens: Nice. How much do you charge for the offer? Vanessa Moss: Well, it's between $5,000 and $10,000. So, the $5,000 one is just straight up. Thy join the program and then we do the marketing to do the best seller campaign for them. Or, there's a $10,000 one, which is exactly the same as that, but then they can have a guest slot on TV and a press release done as well to go with that. Sam Ovens: Nice. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: You're selling it with the firm, you're still doing the strategy decisions. Vanessa Moss: Yeah, yeah. I like doing sales. I love that part of it. Sam Ovens: It's going to be on [inaudible 00:17:56] though. Vanessa Moss: Pardon? Yeah. I know, yeah. Sam Ovens: That and the one on one calls that you've got the coaches doing with the customers. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: The next evolution of this would be ... you've done real well. You've turned it into a machine compared to what it was. I guess what you've done is you've just machined the front end. The way you're generating interest, but the back of it is still the same. You know what I mean? Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Definitely. Sam Ovens: The next thing I'd machine would be would be the sales reps part. The reps can definitely close, a lot of the time what we see is they can close better than the entrepreneur because they get to focus on it all day, every day. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: Then you can get out of that and then you'll be pumping so many customers into the thing that the one on one calls all become a burden. What we notice, and this is really interesting, is that the students get more value from group calls than one on ones because other people ask questions that they didn't think of or that they're too afraid to ask. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: Then they connect with each other and all of that. Do you have a Facebook group? Vanessa Moss: Pardon? Sam Ovens: Do you have a Facebook group for them? Vanessa Moss: No, I don't. You know, that's something that I know I've got to change all of that now and I'll be honest I feel scared to change it. Sam Ovens: Why? Vanessa Moss: That's my little thing that I feel scared about because it's always that I've got that working now and I know I need to grow and I know I need to change some things. It's just that ... what's the word? It's just stepping out of all the ways, isn't it, and then you've got to step into that new way. So, I know that I've got to do that, but in my mind I can't figure out how I do it because right now people are coming on. They're getting that support, we're doing the best seller campaign and it's like how do I do it? How do I shift it so that it can be completely online and grow it more? Sam Ovens: You just create a Facebook group, add all the members into it, and then set a course schedule. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: If you were doing ... then you could do two a week, right, because [inaudible 00:20:21] times, they're not one on ones. Then those people ... you'll actually give your customers more support because they could have two calls every week that could run from one hour to two hours. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: That means they've got a possible four hours of support each week. Right now they've got 30 minutes a month. Vanessa Moss: Yeah, I know. Sam Ovens: Plus the group adds not only support from you or your coaches, but all the other members. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: So, it's actually amazing. I see people who have this problem, it's not really a problem, but they have this fear of changing from the very hyper personalized one on one thing to the group community. In every single instance I've seen the person make the change, their whole business gets better and they're like well why didn't I do this? Vanessa Moss: Yeah. I think as well because we do the marketing then to take it to best seller, then I'm kind of like well how do I do that there if I make it a group program? Sam Ovens: You can still do that. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: That will be another bottleneck that you have soon. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: When you really start to ratchet this thing up. Vanessa Moss: Yeah, yeah. Sam Ovens: Anything manual gets breaks with scale, but you're doing pretty good. So, what's your business making per month at the moment? Vanessa Moss: Well, I totaled up what I made since ... I know that I started in January, but I started to look at it mid February. So, from mid February to today I've made $94,000, from mid February to today, but it's been the last month that most of that has been made. So, in the last month it was $58,000. [inaudible 00:22:31] it was down in between the other two months. Sam Ovens: Got it. That's pretty good. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: Then let's talk about your niche. So, you're helping coaches get a best selling book and will publish the book and then market it until it becomes a best seller. What is the main problem that you're solving for those coaches with that? Vanessa Moss: The problem that they're having is that a lot of them don't have that trust or authority that they want within their market place. So, they feel that when they've got ... if they do aa book it's going to give them that instant expert status and credibility or authority, etc. So that's the number one thing that they ... what the problem is and what they're wanting because then a lot of them are wanting to get more media. Get more speaking, do TED talks, so they're wanting that book for their authority. Sam Ovens: Got it. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: You're selling to people, coaches who are aware that they want to write a book or are you intercepting them at their awareness stage before that where you're saying, "Hey do you want to grow your business? If so, you can do it through a book." Vanessa Moss: I'd say everybody who comes wants to write a book, and it's almost like they want to do it. They don't know where to start and they're not quite getting how it can boost their brand and boost the business for them. So, it's like they already got it in their mind, but it isn't quite a ... they're not quite stepping over to do it. Then once they understand what it can help them do, which is what they want, which is more speaking. Media, being on TV, etc. It makes it solid for them because it's like well I do want that, that, that. So, I've showed them how they can use that book to boost that business and that brand. Sam Ovens: Why do they want more media and more press and all of that? Vanessa Moss: Authority, they want to feel like they're the expert. They want to feel like they're in authority, it's just like really all of them that I speak to, I've just kind of like I got this on my vision board and I want to speak on stages. I want to do TED talks, I want to be in media. That's kind of like that big picture stuff that they want. Sam Ovens: This is fascinating because it's like, I see this divide too. There's like the people that want the clients and they want to get results for their clients. They're very fixated on that, but then there's another group of people who literally want the fame and the book. Vanessa Moss: The fame, yeah. Sam Ovens: The authority over there, and I see that as a means to an end, but I think there actually is the end that they want. They want the fame more than they want the actual thing. You know what I mean? Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: What is it about that? Why do they want that? Or, do they think they want that to get the clients and the results and then make the money. Or do they truly want just that, the fame? Vanessa Moss: It's the celebrity and the fame. Sam Ovens: Yeah, that's fascinating because I guess that is a huge thing. Look at how much people pay for the nicest hand bags and clothes and all the things like that. It is actually selling a solution. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: In my hyper rational mind, I'm like that's not anything, but then I miss that whole segment at the market because they don't want to just get results. They want to be noticed. You know what I mean? Vanessa Moss: Yeah. So, I'd say my people would ... the last thing that they'd invest loads of money in is getting assistance in their business and to bring clients in. They would spend so much money on being put onto a stage or helping them get a TED talk, or we put 21 female coaches into Forbes. That was just an instant thing that everybody wanted and it was really interesting because hardly any of them got assistance in their businesses. They will just keep investing in those kind of things and I think it's because it's so much like an instant [crosstalk 00:28:35]. Sam Ovens: Well, that's what they want and there's nothing wrong with it. You know what I mean? Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: There's people who actually want fame and then there's people who actually want money. I mean, one isn't better than the other, but that one is definitely something that people want. Fame, it's huge. Social recognition and all of that. It's a huge thing. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. A lady joined on Friday, and the focus wasn't on building the business. The focus for her is writing a book, being on stages, inspiring people, speaking at mall conferences, being in media. Really positioning herself and the business side of it wasn't that much of a concern. The full focus for her was to build into herself is that authority on that topic. Sam Ovens: Yeah, it's interesting because one isn't wrong and one isn't right. Vanessa Moss: No, no. Sam Ovens: There's definitely a huge difference because often the ones ... you can't be both. You know what I mean? It's impossible to be out on a stage, and on TV, and doing interviews, and doing all of this stuff all of the time and have highly efficient systems and be really productive like that. This is the thing I struggle with all the time is because I focus obsessively on the systems and the numbers and the conversion rates, and all of that. I'm rally good at that, but then I get jealous a bit of people who have a million Instagram followers and who are famous and everyone thinks that they're further ahead, or they're superior. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: The reality of it is different. You know what I mean? Vanessa Moss: Yeah. I'll be honest for me I dream of fame. I dream of fame, but then I'm not that kind of person to be going here, there, and everywhere doing all these ... that's just not my personality. So, this works really well for me because it's like I'm helping people do that thing that I'm really intrigued by, but I'm not having to jet off and do all the interviews and get in media and speak on stages, etc. Yeah. Sam Ovens: Cool. So, you said you help them publish their books, so I get that. You have a proven process that help them take their ideas and get that done and execute it. What about making it a best seller, how do you help them do that? Vanessa Moss: Basically, we set it all up, so they don't do anything what so ever. When their manuscript is completely complete, we go into the back end of the publishing account and we set everything up ready for the marketing to go live over a one or two day period. We've got all the marketing setup, etc. That goes out and then from the sales of the book, then it'll hit the best seller list. Sam Ovens: Got it. Is that on Amazon? Vanessa Moss: Yeah, on Amazon. Sam Ovens: Amazon, cool. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: Is the marketing on Amazon? Vanessa Moss: No, no. That's just to drive sales. Sam Ovens: Oh, okay. Vanessa Moss: So, we just drive sales for the book. Sam Ovens: Cool. Obviously that's really important to these people too, because that is what they want. You know what I mean? Vanessa Moss: That's what they want, yeah, yeah. They want their book, they want it to be a best seller. Sam Ovens: What's their dream? If they could wave a magic wand and have exactly what they want. What's the pinnacle of their thing? Vanessa Moss: To speak on stage with Tony Robbins. Sam Ovens: Really? Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: I know for a lot of people it's to get on Oprah. That might have changed a bit, maybe it is. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. A lot of ... not many have said to be on Oprah. Lots of them were saying Forbes, so I did a two year deal with Forbes magazine and placed people in Forbes. Sam Ovens: See if you can get a deal with Tony Robbins then. Vanessa Moss: I know. Well I had one of my clients the other day just say, "I will pay you anything if you could put me on the stage with Tony Robbins." I was like, oh all right then. Then the other thing that they were saying was to be on TV. Guaranteed on TV to talk about their book, so I did a deal with Fox News. Sam Ovens: Do they know people don't watch TV anymore? Do they just want to say that they have been on TV? Vanessa Moss: Yeah, they want to be on TV with their book so that they can use it and then market it. Sam Ovens: Get screenshots of it and use that. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. So, I did the deal with Fox and my authors in going into the higher package, they get that and they go off to the Fox studio and they go and do a little segment on Fox with the book. Sam Ovens: I guess there is real desire for that, because I remember when I had my first company back when I was in my parents garage. I'd look at all these start up companies and it'd say featured in Wall Street Journal and I was so jealous of that. I swear I would have traded my kidney for one of those logos. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: I was that ... just because I wanted that recognition. Yeah, I guess there's a lot of it, especially when you haven't had it before you want it so much more. You know what I mean? Vanessa Moss: I think as well, from being young people look up to celebrities, or people on TV, or people who are in magazines, or people that write in books and people look up to those people. People are just being conditioned that celebrity is the way, and celebrities are trusted. They're just following that, I think. Sam Ovens: It's cool the way the world is now, because anyone can pretty much be a celebrity now. You can self publish, and you can hire people, like you to publish the books and get them to be best sellers. Anyone can do YouTube, which is like the new TV. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: Then Facebook, and lives, everyone can broadcast now. I remember to do a broadcast you have to have a news van with a satellite on it. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: That's what you have to have to do a live, but now anyone can do it with their phone. It's pretty cool, it's like really celebrating the individual. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. So, it's really interesting now because I've got ... people that are writing their books and becoming best sellers, then they're like now what? Can you get me on a stage, can you help me get a TED talk, can you get me lots of media? So, it's almost like they want to do the book so it could help them do all those things, but then they're wanting the help to use that book to do all those things that they wanted anyway. Sam Ovens: Yeah, so the book alone isn't anything I guess, because then they need to tell people that they have the book. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: Yeah. Having a book and no one knowing about it doesn't satisfy their desire to be known. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: What would you say has been the most transformational part for you going through the consulting accelerator program? Vanessa Moss: That I feel like I have a proper business now. I know where my client ... the most transformational part is that I know where my clients are coming from now. I know what to do to get my clients instead of doing all these things, I've got one or two things. Sam Ovens: So, you know what cause and effect is now? Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: You know this cause creates this effect. Vanessa Moss: Yeah, yeah. As well, I can take me out of that part that was absolutely burning me out before. Sam Ovens: Got it. Vanessa Moss: Yeah, so that's been probably the most transformational because I was completely burnt out. Sam Ovens: Got it. What would ... you've been in the accelerator since January and you've probably been in the Facebook group and seen all the other members and everything. Vanessa Moss: Yeah, yeah. Sam Ovens: What would your number one piece of advice be for them? Vanessa Moss: I think just not to over think things. I think the more simple you can make things and not over think it and just go for it, then you're going to get a result. I think sometimes we start to sweat the small stuff and dance around that thing we truly want. So, it's kind of like if we can create something that someone wants and what they're going to pay for and just focus on that thing. Instead of all the little things around it and just be brave and just go for it. It's just going to work and I think that's the thing with me. I would rather take something and run with it, not feeling like I'm 100% confident and knowing all the little bits and getting result. Rather than dancing around that thing I want, which is making the sell. Getting the client and making the sale, and spending lots, and lots of time on figuring the next bit, and the next bit, and the next bit. When I've got a few key pieces that I can run with to start to get a result and then bring all the other little bits into it. If that makes any sense what so ever? Sam Ovens: It makes total sense. Keep the main thing the main thing, and don't get distracted by the [crosstalk 00:40:40]. Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: It's like when I went to start my first business, the main thing was getting a client or getting a customer. Right? Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: I decided to buy business cards and a stainless steel business card holder. I don't know what the hell I was thinking. Why do I need that? Mugs, T-shirts, brochures and didn't have any customers. Vanessa Moss: No. For me, in my mind, every day is about a sale. That's it. It's like whatever happens on that day, the one thing that my business needs is a sale. So, if I'm going to go and buy business cards, are they going to make me a sale today? No. So, I'll leave that. Sam Ovens: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Vanessa Moss: It's just really zoning down and focusing on that thing that's going to create what I want, which is a sale. So, I did find myself last week, spending [inaudible 00:41:48] hours in one day. Choosing fonts, trying to put colors together, etc. then I was like I've been sat for five hours, whereas I could have just followed upon an email and made a sale. Sam Ovens: Got it, yeah that's true. Vanessa Moss: Nobody cares about my shade of black. You know? Sam Ovens: We're going to put this on YouTube as well. It's going to be in the customer community, so it will help a lot of members, but if there's people out there that want to publish their own book, and want to make their book a best seller, and use it to gain recognition, and authority and all of that. How do they find you? Vanessa Moss: They can go to Sam Ovens: Vanessa Moss: Yeah. Sam Ovens: Awesome. Well, thanks a lot for jumping on and sharing your story. Vanessa Moss: Thank you. Sam Ovens: I'm sure it's going to help a lot of people in the community focus on that main thing and also a lot of people who were thinking about starting a business as well. It's going to inspire them to join, so thanks for jumping on and sharing your story. Vanessa Moss: Yeah, cool. Yeah, thanks for asking me. Sam Ovens: Cool. See you later. Vanessa Moss: Excellent, bye.