How Vanda Made $23K In 15 Days While Still Working At Her Job

How Vanda Made $23K In 15 Days While Still Working At Her Job


How Vanda Made $23K In 15 Days While Still Working At Her Job

Niche: Helping individuals, improve their lives, make more money and have great breakthroughs by optimizing their focus and energy. 

Here's what we cover:
1. Where Vanda was before joining Consulting Accelerator. 

2. How she made that $23,000 in 15 days of launching her new offer.

3. How she continued her success to make $83,000 since starting. 

4. The method Vanda uses to structure a great Facebook live. 

5. Vanda defines what she specifically helps people do and how she helps them do it. 

6. Self-management versus time-management. 

7. The nuances missing from mastering your sales calls - that go beyond a script. 

Vanda’s #1 piece of advice for members:

Be coachable. 


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Nick Hauser: Welcome everybody, Nick Hauser here and in today's interview and be sitting down with Vonda Martin and Vonda started consulting accelerator back in November of 2018 at the time she was working as a real estate coach and she was making about 19,000 per year. Um, but she always wanted to a month. Yeah, that makes more sense for what we're going to say next. And you know, what you really wanted to do was, you know, create a new business that we're going to talk about. Um, you know, that she's grown so far, but it just 15 days of launching her offer while still working at her job, she was able to make 23 k and it really exceeded the monthly income that she was making with a full time job while still working there. And this is, you know, probably well paying job was, she was probably very busy. Nick Hauser: So it's really amazing here that she did that just in a short amount of time. And then, you know, the next few months after that to the point where we are today, she's made an additional 60 k and so she's really made $83,000 since, you know, starting the program, launching your offer up to the point now where she's getting ready to transition into, you know, scaling up her online courses and start running Facebook ads and really blow this thing up. So let me first of all, it's really amazing in such a short amount of time, super busy. If you had a full time job and you did this, um, you know, Vonda how are you doing today? Vanda Martin: Fantastic. Thank you. Nice to be here with you guys, right? Nick Hauser: Hmm. So a little bit, uh, you know, I said [inaudible] you were kind of working in the real estate space. He just tells you a little bit before you joined the program, kind of what your background is. Vanda Martin: Yes. Well, I haven't done a lot of things, nick. I have actually opened and on five different business from by restaurants. You want Internet, online company. And then, well about 18 years I sold residential real estate, did very well there. The Trim, well do the team that was successful. Then I was invited to coach real estate and I'd Love, love coaching, helping engage in people, inspiring people, helping sales skills. Um, I mean coaching sales skills. So I sign up with this company and I'm been working as a real estate coach for the last, the second idea is actually helping a lot of people to become millionaires, multimillionaires and real estate sales. Loved it. Awesome. Nick Hauser: And then two, what, what was the point to where you maybe thinking about, hey, maybe maybe want to do something else. Like whoa. What was that kind of internal feeling you had? Vanda Martin: Oh, great question. Well, I'd been, I'm a very goal oriented person for all my life. I've been planning, setting goals. I'm very driven, very ambitious and a in all, it was just that irregular progression, helping people to get better. Also help people to make more money and think bigger. And uh, being an entrepreneur all my life sooner or later was gonna go back to have my own company. That was just like a normal thing. So I wanted to open my company and do what I love and Mike terms. So even though I had a great company with this really sick company, great clients, loved them, but was time to follow my dream and uh, and to really go deep and not only do what I love, the way I love it, but also make the big money. I want to, to also make the big money that I used to make in real estate. You know, 30, 30, 25, $35,000 a week. I said, no, I want to do that in coaching and doing also what a lot of coaching and help him gauge your people. So yeah, super excited. Nick Hauser: So who you know, who does that you like, who are you helping right now and you already opened them. Do, Vanda Martin: oh my gosh, it's wonderful. Uh, you know, you probably know that because this is what you do. You help people here and it's so inspiring, so engaging. Now you get so much back from people. Well, my niche is to help individuals to improve their lives. Make a lot of money, have great breakthroughs by optimizing the focus and energy. So I have people now different, a part of life right now. I have a lady who was a vice president of a big bank who else improve her focus so she can do more? I have people in sales, uh, I have people. So what I do is I help them to really transform, change the paradigm and create an amazing plan with a lot of structure and accountability and believe that is possible and that they are having an amazing breakthroughs. I mean, they are making money. I have a guy who was with me for two months and he said, I having the best month ever, ever in business in my last year. It's pretty exciting. It's a lot of, uh, it's a lot of giving back contribution and I get paid for to do what I love, so I super happy. Nick Hauser: Yeah, that's great. And then to, you know, the first thing we get to do once you join is, you know, to pick a niche. And in formulating your offer for you, you seem to get a lot of different experiences. There's probably been able to translate to helping a large diverse group of people right now. But what was the first kind of, um, weeks and steps that you are taking insight accelerator, um, you know, they're really, really kind of helped you gain this momentum so quickly. Vanda Martin: Awesome question. Well, first of all, the niche, I pretty much had it right because you have so much energy. Can you get a bonus? I'm so, I've been all my life is weenie and growing and losing my energy as a feel. So I wrote a book about a year ago called the art of high energy that sell on Amazon. They aren't the high energy. So when I, someone gave me Sam ovens a Webinar and I looked in my email, I mean sending bad Sunday morning, I opened the Webinar. I mean I'll open an email and there was a friend of my, no, you've got to watch it. Just guy here. I looked the nap, nick, I was in trail. I mean I just went two and a half hours straight on the web and I never left the room. I watched the whole thing and I'm like, this is it. Vanda Martin: Now I can use, you know, I have the following now. Now I can have the energy and go and put it together step by step and open my own company because, uh, this kid, I say kid because see I have a 27 years old and I'm 25. Yeah, two boys. So he's like a kid for me. I said, this kid knows his stuff. So he showed me the farmer that I can do that, I can bring the energy, I can bring the skills, I can help people to do more too. And I use this formula and when, and so I went in, I loved it. I hope I answered your questions. It's so exciting. I'm all over the place. Huh? Nick Hauser: Do you were talking about but to, so it sounds like you know, you knew how to help people, but it was, and you got experience running different kinds of businesses, um, and coaching people in such, it seemed like the biggest thing for you for accelerator was the, the structure for, you know, kind of how in this, in the 2010 and the 2018, um, you know, world in 2019 now, how to actually run an online, you know, coaching, consulting business systematically and how to organize everything. Is that we can, that's correct. Vanda Martin: I was looking for the former, like you said, c personality style. I'm a driver. Expressive, I'm not very analytical and uh, even though I love numbers and it became one, but I wanted to formula the stamp, revise it. This is one, I saw it, I said, this is what I've been looking for step by step, how trek, cheap everything so I can do my vote, bass and high level. So once I saw the Webinar, I'm like, shit, excuse me, this is that this right here as you can versus fine weeks. I'm like, this is Greg. So as soon as I, I, you know, like when you find something that you'd be looking for and just hit the, hit the spot. Oh this is it. So as soon as I saw the way he breaks down, you see he has, you know, he has step by step how to do the whole process. Vanda Martin: Greg strategies, tactics and abuse sales. I mean I'd been in sales for a long time, have we booked, but what I liked it is, is the detail, step by step strategy. He said, no, you do this and do that. And black performer. Yeah. Finished. As soon as I finished the uh, the Webinar in the realize week one, week two module was, I'm like, this is it man. This is exactly what I need. So I actually stopped the finish the webinar and I called my youngest son. My son evolved was a marine and I said, we need to talk, we need to talk. I have a, I have an offer you cannot refuse. Said I followed what I'm looking for and I, I have a proposition for you. What can I share the offer, the proposition. Sure. Hi is that, what are you getting paid by now? I'll pay more and I give you some uh, uh, revenues as well. Nicole and the company. I want you to help me to put all this together because I got the phone with your watching this kid or pay for the class. So I, I pretty much brought him in, paid for his course as well. And I said, let's put this together because this kid here, Sam us exactly what to do. So again, like you said, he provides a formula. Nick Hauser: Awesome. Let's talk about those first. Those first 15 days you go live with the offer and you, you know, you exceed what you were making monthly as your other coaching job, which was, you know, pretty good paying job and I'm sure you were, you said you liked your clients and everything. Tell me a little more about like how that all happened so quickly. Awesome. Vanda Martin: Oh yeah. I love my clients and I love the company as well. So what I did is I've been very engaged with social media. They engage with people as you can tell my energy, my excitement. I love helping people. And uh, so I've been very active on Facebook and I have about 5,000 followers on my Facebook page, my personnel and I have some good amount also my business. So I've been giving a lot. I have my morning pulse that I gave a lot information value. So I have a lot of trust with my people, a lot of uh, um, uh, love because they know I love them and I care. So what's the way I live? And I said, hey everyone, I am going after my dreams, I'm following my dreams, I'm open to new company and just what I'm going to do immediately. I got a lot of people reaching out to me. Vanda Martin: So it was all very organic. Uh, on the very beginning was all about a Facebook message. People message me. But as soon as I got my son with me and the company, he put everything together, the Phono, their websites, the calendar of, and he just like fast and furious, put everything together and he's super smart. The second one I needed. So I'm coming here where the skills, the sales, the mindset, the energy, and he's coming in as the CEO and putting it in the thing together. So it's a great combination. So the people come in, we sign up immediately. I signed up like 10 clients. Like this was awesome. Nick Hauser: That's great. And how did you, um, you know, turn it to the next through? So that was like the first initial launch and then ongoing here you've been able to consistently, um, you know, land clients and make a high revenue mark. How did you go about doing that same method or something a little different? Vanda Martin: I do. I have lied. I go lab, I have a great group. I have a great strong energy waters and have a great group on Facebook, a private group as well. We dove up 600 people. So besides my aunt, uh, Facebook based. So again, do you see some of the result of a lot of giving, sharing, contributing value given and then building a lot of a rapport, trust and you know, and uh, project at talking to people. I haven't even done any Facebook ads at the, haven't done any list emails. I haven't done anything yet. It's I'll get it call about, hey everyone, this is what I'm doing now. And by the way, have you had thought about this or that? And people reach out to me this week. I'm starting to send some message and a Monday going to go, I'm going to go live with Facebook ads. Vanda Martin: So Organic, oh, about a little interaction on Facebook and a brother groups and people that want to get bad and have breakthroughs. I specialize in thinking people to a very new level, very fast. So are they see the go to my website then it can see a lot of my, of my testimonials and uh, you see in the last 10 years, 11 years I made it to at least I'm vain. I help people to become millionaires. What I mean at least like 12 people to become millionaire. So they'd be following me, you know? So this create a lot of trust, a lot of report. Nick Hauser: What have you been to a lot of people, you know, this is the question of the group too. What have you found really makes a really solid Facebook law that only offers people value. It makes them feel like, hey, the time I took to watch this was helpful to me, but also on your end to help you with your marketing and promoting and maybe you know, German ups and new sales conversations. Vanda Martin: Very nice. Well I know and Sam talks about that up to, you know, provide value, you know, the product is the most important thing. And of course the product for me is the client. So when I go to your Facebook live and I do about once a week, sometimes twice a week live, it's all about providing value, helping them, giving them actionable steps that they can take right away and improve their business and their lives. So I'm always thinking study with fluid, the hello and you. And then I go today, my edition is Dennis. And then I tell them my station and then I give them value contribution. You guys have any questions from me? So many times I ask them a question, should gauge with them. And then I said, thank you, love you guys a CEO next week. So just a lot of warmth, a lot of great energy, a lot of value. And I really believe they know, they can tell that I care. So I myself out of the picture, as you can see, he had an EAP. I have a strong apps and I go, I get excited sometimes, but you see that they all relate to that and they don't mind if I make a mistake, if I look a little, you know, uh, two fast songs too fast, you know, they like it. You know? I think it's being authentic. Nick Hauser: Yeah, that was what I was going to say too, is I think a lot of people, they, they were afraid a little too to put themselves out there and that way because they're like, if I don't sound like a Polish actor that you see like on a movie that these people watching me are going to be like, oh, this person is like, you know, they can't help me. Or they're, you know, they're, they're stupid, whatever people think about this, but people actually, you know, really in today's world, the appreciate kind of what you're saying is they appreciate the authenticity. They appreciate like when you aren't pitch perfect because it makes you seem like a normal person and they can relate to and people can relate to you. They're like, hey, maybe she can help me. And then it goes from there. So it's a really great point. So it seems like you go live once a week, maybe twice. Do you have a topic in mind you want to share with them, but you gotta start out friendly, welcoming them on, engaging with them. Maybe ask them a few questions. Then you say, Hey, today I'm going to talk about this. You get into it. And along the way you might ask them some questions to engage them a little more and then you kind of do like a Q and a at the end a little bit if they have any questions for you. Yep. Vanda Martin: Is that all is open it read question in the beginning I used to say not today. Let's talk about this. And I went with my tuition and know the beginning of the at, let's talk about intuition, goals, setting, you know, marketing plan, a business plan, you know, having the right mindset. So I use a lot of intuition a lot. Uh, uh, when I say tuition is like normally, you know, imagining like, you know, where we are right now, what would be a good subject of a good topic for today? You know, Monday is money, momentum Monday, whatever it is now. Well, nowadays what I do is that what Paul, you know, I go to the group on Monday if I'm going to, my time I live is Wednesday, so I go on Monday or Tuesday. Say everyone vote, let's vote. Well, was the topic for this week. So this is smart. Vanda Martin: This is Paul. You know, you guys want to talk about mindset skill for example, resilience. You guys want to talk about eating right for your energy, uh, or you know, building a new focus. What are the dates like I put here, but I give a specific topic. So this is for the group now for my personnel group that I have about 5,000 people, I would just decide what's going to a to B and a as long as I, you know, that focus on giving them value. I wanted them to finish that 15 minutes. I feel like wow. I like what she said, I can use that. You know, she can do it actually. So Nick Hauser: okay. So it sounds like then too, you're doing a, you're, you have your private Facebook group where you do alive and then you do a separate one on your personal page. Vanda Martin: Yes. Nick Hauser: Do you do any kind of polling on that one too, on the personal page beforehand? Vanda Martin: It's pleasure. I haven't done yet. I haven't done yet. And it costs a lot page also, I don't have a specific time on there on my, on my private group I go, everyone is at fault. So they know, they know that my, they doesn't mean I have some time with me. So it's pretty cool and they get excited and his pupil from Vanda Martin: all different places. I have people like brands are family from Brazil. I have friends as clients is awesome. Now the, like the my regular group, I just really once a week I'll go in and say hello and bring some value. I pushed him do, I've tried to do on Thursdays or Fridays, especially Fridays. Fridays are great energy day and I believe like a noon, one o'clock people are kind of winding down for the weekend. It was so nice to to get some more information or some cool stuff. Nick Hauser: Yeah, definitely. I know was super too. I got a segue into when you started landing these clients, and this is kind of how you've been been attracting new potential clients and just people who want to follow you, engage with you. How are you actually been helping them so far? Like the actual method delivery? Is it coaching and how does that look, you know, can you touch on that? Vanda Martin: Awesome, so I provide two different programs. One on one programs, it's age eight week program, eight week program of one half an hour a week. It's $3,000 the other one is the group program, eight, eight weeks as well. This one is 40 minutes instead of flooding units, 40 minutes in his $1,800 a person is three three people on the call? Yeah. Why is three group, yeah, they each will be $1,800 the other one is one on one, a half an hour. If it calls for $3,000 now what I do is I have an a, a beautiful agenda, what I call Roche, to help them to have the breakthroughs to create the, the amazing laser focus and which are the, they really make the money and get better in life and he's there. So whatever they want, the agenda is about, I have the agenda, but it's about them. I go where they are. So actually my next, a digital course, juicy program, the course that I'm putting together is pretty much the metal, the metal that I do that I'm helping those people to really have breakthroughs and make more money immediately. And that's super excited because I'm bringing to the one on one process all the way to the course and I can wait two together out because it's going to be great. Nick Hauser: Yeah, that's the word. And so I guess to, um, is there is a certain, it sounds we can help you can help a lot of different people and you've been working with a lot of different people. Are you seeing anything that is um, you know, like a line that you can draw through all of them that says like, hey, it's, it's typically, I typically work with the person who is kind of at this stage in their life where they're running their own business or, and they're looking for, you know, this, they wanted to take things here. I can you get, define that a little more Vanda Martin: should because this is going to be very case specific. I have a lot of people in all different levels. Okay. Vanda Martin: I'm 23 years old to 62 years old. Okay. They are the people that want to have a breakthrough. They want to go to the next level. Okay. They want to make more money and feel better. So I have, like I said, the event, I have uh, different people from different companies. I have salespeople. So what, I'm not it if they all want to make more money and have their life. So that is the line that goes, you know, most of them I feel like I'm going wrecked, but I'm just not doing, I'm doing good and we're not just doing outstanding. I want to go to the next level, college and every break that, that, that feeling. I see. So, and then, you know, Vanda Martin: I, my testimony that I have, I have a person that I got from of 2.2 million in years in sales, you know, so it's, it's a different mindset that way of thinking. I have people that are go from 60,000 to 350,000 in two years or even 40,000 to 200,000 in one year. So I, I believe one they'd notice already is I specialize in housing and helping people to have a, not only make more money but feel better because you know, you don't want to make a lot of money, but it feels like a steel band, like a failure. If you have money and you're not having manual, you're saying somehow Nick Hauser: from, from your work with these people and what seems to be the biggest thing that's preventing them before they come to you from making that breakthrough and you know, making more money and feeling better about themselves. Vanda Martin: Because there's like a million dollar question I'd be wronged, like sampling possibilities, open your perspective and you don't see a new way because you start thinking doing the same thing, doing the same thing. So why, you know, so they stuck emotionally or financially, uh, difficulty there. Can I lose weight? I help alluded to lose 50 pounds and about seven months again, so mentally this stock and I've caught, you know, I believe and know that it happened at this progression. So when people don't, they'll have progression somewhat, let them, didn't feel unhappy and they'll move to, to really get out of that type talk and kick out, you know, so the money comes in anyway and I to help them chill, going to the field of possibilities and see what's possible and they say, oh my gosh, I can do it. I can to get them to the field of possibilities and I have with them was trying to, she sabic and the structure and they're called the village. Just like the program here from Sam. Oh my God. Whoa. They have one call. It took all the like I'm the whole level because now I can't see it. I have quite, it's so cool. Nick Hauser: I know we talked about some of the similarities and no, let's talk about some differences. What is the difference between maybe what a 23 year old's going through that makes him or her, you know, push through a breakthrough versus a 62 year old comes in and they want to progress still even at a later stage in their life. What are those differences look like? Vanda Martin: And when she came, what? I ask them right away, Vanda Martin: what do you want? We'll do one. So we have to have clarity and then I noticed as they're talking to me, I can tell the self limiting beliefs by the way they express themselves, whether they are in the head and all of them. We all get into our heads, right? If we don't pay attention, if we're not vigilant. So for example, the 22 years old, I'm too young coach, I'm too young to do what I'm doing to be sales or to be an entrepreneur. People look at me and they think it like, you know, 16 years old, I said, Donna, you'll age is an asset. You own it. So I helped them to transfer the whole paradigm, the whole program that they have into whatever they have into an asset. So they, I guess you go into the field of possibilities. So now she, she acted like, oh my gosh, I'm young, I'm smart. Vanda Martin: You know, I can do this. And then the whole, their whole behaviors change because once you change your identity, your behaviors change. So now I have a 62 years old. I helped them to say, Hey, guess what? Now he's the first day of the rest of your life. Dude. Nobody really knew. If you're going to make a lot of money, you're going to have a good time. So again, I helped him to see that it is possible that they can transform and start over. So they start all this debris Neal, and imagine the excitement and the energy when you feel like it's a new thing for me, I can go all day and do it again or do a better. So again, I will, no matter what they are and what they haven't had mine, whatever self self limiting beliefs, they have unhealthy them immediately to go to a breakthrough just by reprogramming and believe in the possibilities and changing clarity. It makes sense what I'm saying. Yeah. I helped them to immediately change change. You see the possibilities so they can go for it. Nick Hauser: Is it almost too like you know this person whatever level or aids or coming into that they have these beliefs when they come with someone like you who inspires them and gives them a lot of confidence that you're helping them give permission. Like it's like that's early. You giving them permission because you know they're responsible for themselves, but you're giving them permission to give themselves permission to where they can feel confident now to go for it. Whereas without you, they're Kinda just sitting there and they're, they're kind of paralysis by analysis. Are they just feeling so stuck right Vanda Martin: now, I'm have to stay there. It's just not only like that energy, kind of a few good law of attraction. Now I have a specific techniques, specific tactics, strategies, so they can move some to that. So we have a climate, we have a here, we're not accountability. So I know he's not like a right just thinking, well you know, there's no way the no always no, I would have action plan. So it's completely buried direction or beditation are very pleased and would, you know, stop doing it. Didn't make an effort. Nick Hauser: So what happens next? I come through and you know, you helped me really see it a different possibility for myself. Um, what am I next steps look like? Let's say I was a sales rep, I was at, I was a young sales rep who you mentioned kind of earlier or I don't know there were a sales rep or not, but let's say I'm a young 20 year old sales rep and you know, I'm feeling, you know, I shouldn't be talking to people who are 45 and uh, you know, 20 years of experience. Who am I to try to sell something to them? And you helped me get over that to the point where I'm kind of ready and a motivated, where do I go next with you Vanda Martin: in your business? What's your revenue activities? Where should you spend two, three hours of your day so you succeed right away? So one of my goals, one of my intention is to make your money immediately because we know what would you know when you not only make money but build momentum because when you have momentum in life and business and his sports immediately feel better. And because a self, you know, a cycle, right? It process, you know, the Meu to better, the more you do it, the more money comes in, the more momentum you have. So it's number chill is helping to become super intentional on your day. So self management, self management, self management. So I've always did it help you. You should take complete control of your leg. Nick Hauser: What's an example of too? You know, cause I think a lot of people might, might hear that and say well what does your just like having them map out a little calendar like you know, what does it really mean to, you know, control your day. And that's self management. Vanda Martin: Yeah. Well it should prove your rituals right away. So immediately it will tweak new routines, new rituals and writing. They did take a picture to send it to me. I know what they're doing. I help them to define a morning routine, a night routine. You know what, what is the money? What is the joy? Make sure they have time for themselves. So yeah, we're creating a daily map to the girl's baby, but create a daily map to freedom. So immediately after the energy goes up because now they feel in control, they feel like they're not floating around, lost three, whatever on somebody else schedule. So immediately I get them to be Speaker 4: okay. Vanda Martin: Um, on a beautiful daily plan for freedom. Nick Hauser: Awesome. So I'm working through a school, they're running example again, you inspire me. I get, I get over my limiting beliefs and now I've got my, you know, self management down each day, right? And I'm going good and everything's well. I'm reaching my goals within you. And that's really something that comes up for me and I veer off course how when I'm working with you too, I do I get back or do I have a strategy or techniques to get myself on track again? How does that work? Vanda Martin: Yeah, it's awesome because we have calls on controlling and improving your emotional energy because we know, by the way, I'd say Sam does a great job on week two and mindset. Love it. And again, I'd been writing and in reading he did a great job explaining everything. You know, it well, we are alone enemy. And, uh, and most of the times because we don't manage away energy, mental, emotionally, physically, most of the time, this why we take ourselves out of the game. So I help them to go back no matter what happened, no met a setback breakdowns, uh, tried to do whatever it is to go back and control the emotion, laser focus and emotionally control and mental control to go back which specific step by step so they can go back and a performing high level even though they just had a breakdown or oh, I started back. So again, step by step how to rebound, you know, so we walk a lot of grit, resilience, uh, mental toughness. But again, we using strategies that the walk, I, I pretty much given them step by step what you do. Nick Hauser: Can you maybe give an example of one of those tools to, somebody's listening can be like, oh, okay, that makes sense. Like when she's saying she's working with him, with the stuff, like, you know, somebody might think, I guess you're giving them some worksheets or is she on the phone? Like, you know, hitting them with questions of get them tougher. You know, what's like an example of um, you know, one of these? Vanda Martin: Yeah. Well what happened is people don't understand. Many times they'd find you all the energy and the time, right? So I will say one unit of energy should [inaudible] and its energy and time is irreplaceable. Finish in time, priceless. You can always get more money, but you can get ahead of time and energy. So every hour for you cost you a lot of money. So if you spend an hour, you know, being moody and now we're feeling down because one day you didn't go up together or you know, something went down bad, you are bleeding money, you are losing energy, you're draining your energy. So what I do is I help them say, I want you to stop. So this is my three steps here. Vanda Martin: Stop. Take a nice deep breath, control yourself. Then I want you to immediately change your focus, change your focus because whatever you're focused, you're focused on human as you goes, whatever you put your passion, your energy flows, right. So immediately help them to change the focus by going and to high elevated motions, high elevated emotions like run to the appreciation, love and a on the step is you see the brain, our brain. If you just say thank you brain or just talk to yourself or say out loud, you just registering, but your brain goes to work when you ask him last questions, Vanda Martin: just like Google. Hey Google, what time is it? Right? So the brain listen to questions to go to work. So I help them to change the focus and they say how? How coach you change your focus by asking Greg questions. Do your brain to drive and your energy to the right place you want to be. So terrible thing happened right now. Nick, it's so bad. They go a little bit. Put your hand on your heart. Just don't. What do they think? You're right here and say, what are the ways before like that what I'm grateful for right now? Immediately your brain start looking for reasons to be grateful immediately. You already dropping some dopamine so much across the pharmacy of your body started walking because this is not bullshit story, this is like chemical biological reaction immediately. Your brain is that working for you instead of against you even though you had a setback. Am I making sense? Nick Hauser: Yeah and I think too, there are naturally in the beginning it's if somebody is not used to doing these types of things and even if they are successful but they still came to because they needed a breakthrough and ongoing and now they're being told it's almost like a, a mental muscle in a mental, um, you know, in shape. Like you have to be mentally in shape. Are they in the same way you physically, like the first time you go to run you, you know, you could, you could have been a great runner back in the day or something. I get high school but now you're like 40 and you've got to run again and it kind of, it's, it's sore, it's tough, you've got to grind through it. But if your run for the next three months, six months, 12 months now, just way easier. So do you find any of that too? When they're just starting out? It's harder for them to make these shifts and then once they do it more, it just like anything, they're just like, they can just flip themselves into a great state when they need to. Yes. Vanda Martin: Oh cocoa that. No, let me go back to that night. The last pap, I didn't tell you the last time then that last step of changing the Hawaii energy manage your energy is action. So again, they stopped, they breathe, they could take control their emotion and then they changed the plug cause and then they'd have to get an action. They have to get an action. They got to call the, you know, three calls, Vanda Martin: you know, going to fall to some Porsche and go for a run. She would bring them more and as you, because you know, everybody learn this and I learned that from Tony Robbins and off starting Jim Rohn and other people that once you put your body in motion, your mind fall. So yeah, I actually helped them because when I go to mantel manage your mental energy because he knew I had emotional energy, mental energy, physical energy, you know, breakthrough understanding the money mindset. I love it. So just what's going to be on my cars. Uh, they, they all believe that's going to be immediately. So I helped them to understand that everything is hard in the beginning. Everything is difficult in the beginning because you haven't done yet is the steel bunch. All right, y'all ready? Y'All ready? Maybe Times down losing it before they even tried, you already lost in their mind because it make this big picture did the ugly green monster and it has, so I helped them to see it and how I do it by asking great questions to them. Tell me he'll give me a situation. Give me an example of something that you did that in the very beginning was difficult, hard, awkward, and then as you did at the y became easier. Give me an example. Nick Hauser: I'm thinking about it. You can tell Vanda Martin: don't only those interviews. Nick Hauser: Yeah, these actually pretty fun. Um, yeah, I would just say in general, just when I started working with Sam and stuff, just this, making sure that I could provide the same level of value to our community members. Like when they're coming in, they're going through the training and then they, they come to me and when I run our coaching calls now know just making sure that I'm at that level to where I can answer anything for them at any time. And that can be a very wide range of topics. So, uh, in the beginning it was just, you know, I just said we do a lot more studying and preparation to make sure I hit that level. And then over time, you know, it just is part of me now Vanda Martin: I want do a first call. How did you feel? Nick Hauser: Oh yeah. Nervous. Vanda Martin: What else? Nick Hauser: Unknown. This just nervous because they didn't know what was gonna happen. It didn't know what questions we're going to come my way. Right. And so naturally just to just a bit of, you know, all of what if I mess up, that kind of thing. Thinking of the worst case rather than the best case that I would answer all the questions right or I would help somebody and help somebody go take action to change her life. Those kinds of things. Vanda Martin: Did you feel awkward? Nick Hauser: Um, didn't feel awkward just because I had been on those calls before but just hadn't been answering the questions. Yeah, Vanda Martin: probably understand what you said. Then again, this is, you're already doing that FALive but you probably had other situation that on the very beginning of something it was even painful, awkward, painful. But you as you did a little more, it gets better and then you did a little wall. It's up there and you did it more. I got better. And you know, the funny thing, not wanting it gets better with time and sensitive now only gets better with time density, but it gets easier because he is everything. We know he's a David, they, you know, I need to not doing well. It's just not easy for you. It's because you don't know enough. Yeah, there's less practice. Repetition is the mother of skills. Let's practice practice or I helped them to practice a lot and get better with all the skills. So the becomes they become better. Vanda Martin: Now he has another step. Wait, that is more, not only gets better and gets easier after you do it, blah blah blah. I'm telling you something that you can look back and said, can you believe the most ago was afraid of doing the live video now is not only easy so you still want to say some we go over all those to help them to see that with practice and repetition that we improve the confidence, the conviction and the certainty. And as they don't walk, people love them. They love it and becomes easy and fun. That's what up. Nick Hauser: I'm really glad we did that practical example, right when you just, you know, maybe we kind of went back and forth and I'm glad you went back earlier and said, hey, let me finish step three, which is the action. Cause I, I really think that that's the biggest thing that people, the main thing they take away from like the week two of our training, what your saying here is that all of the stuff is great to make you feel better and to change your state. But without the action it all gets lost. And I think that's where a lot of people on the outside looking in who maybe never done something like this before, like the steps were laying out here. They just say, oh, like it's, it just like, you know, it's mindset, it's woo woo. It's not, you know, it's, this isn't going to do anything. This is some like, hey, if I think you know, um, I should feel good, then I'm going to feel good. But it's not the case. And that's the, there needs to be that action component to make you do something. So I liked that you said that. And we kind of define that and express it as an example too. Vanda Martin: So he kept me motivated and broke and that's what's that. Sam teaches on the class and I love it step by step. He is why you want to do that? This is the benefit. Does it their step now they'd have to do it. So I helped them to put the plan together. You just why I'm on it. Excuse me. This is what I want. Watch first. Why he is the plan and just the massive action. Oh yeah, they're massive. Action is awesome because we digest Lito by Nutanix. That's my step one. They're going to do every day, every month and they can see the progress, right? So it's out there. Mine is an action and uh, and I help them to understand their, the power of the always be learning, always learning and being coachable. Well, my first call, I ask them how coachable are you on a scale? One to 10 I'm almost six. Almost seven was make you a 10. So because of coachability and that's why I needed the process from topic, from, um, from sound because I can go and do, put your bitches right Nick Hauser: when you're speaking to somebody on, on the sales call, are you, are you doing a sales goal to enroll them into your coaching? That's what you've gotta, you've gotta, you know, a deep background of sales in different industries and such, and I'm sure you've picked up ways to be successful in selling homes. And when you were working with the real estate coaching and everything, how have you structured, um, you know, the way you've been doing your sales calls for sailing, like coaching like this and you know, communicating what you can help these people with. Vanda Martin: My question, by the way, I believe I posted on the Facebook group, Greg groups, by the way, both loops because you know, I told you I also sign up for the upper level ready in January. No, no actual beginning of February. So Greg groups, uh, they are the sales. I love sound. I, I'm very proud to be a salesperson for almost, right. You start with, um, I use, I love that what Sam did on the program, you know, and this is what I coached you and this is what I teach you is you could qualify really well. So diagnostic clients know what they needed. What only like Sam Sam to the only 2% of the population I'm going to buy with you right now by yourself. So it's not everyone's ready. So you've got to pre qualify. So I use all my skills that I have into nearing that chain. Vanda Martin: Do you knew about polar to qualifying, presenting Hangup Jascha closing on on the call. Okay. Yeah. If you did not write on their program or they can upon the program is nothing we can do. You know, there's some conditions, you know, we have a batch and then you'd have condition. So I knew all the skews and a half on the strategy calls Anda I be governable 80% on my first gift to do. They're not convert and I'm pretty much 100% of all of them now I have to stay. A lot of them will want one leads. Those people have been following me. Right? But I am very fortunate that I have a very good foundation in sales. I can sell anything anywhere. No politics, no sales skills. So why don't we recommend anyone. So we improve the sales skills. I'm actually working in a nice, beautiful chorus about sales. Go ahead. Nick Hauser: Yeah. So you're going to listen, rejection, and you're prequalifying. Then you're taking them through a, through a few different steps, right? You mentioned mirror matching. What's an example of mirror matching? Or what does that mean? Vanda Martin: Gotcha. Oh Shit. Especially when you're just talking to someone. See what I know is people like to the busyness of people from the same tribe. So if you'll come to me and you talk softer in your coma and blah, blah, blah, oh my gosh, right away. Speaker 4: Okay, Vanda Martin: we're going to go, what does this person, so that was just sounds different and weird. Funny. Not from the same tribe, you know? Thank you very much. I'm not interested right now. Vanda Martin: Not You. Not In before. Immediately on the, on the voice tonality. Speed. So it's still never met this person. And you'll call this person, you were completely out of report. You're ready. Taking yourself out of the game. So Mirror match is right from the tone of eyes. Speed, reflection. How have you talked to this person? I say hello. Hello. It's in. It's again, this is not manipulation. This is consideration. What I tell my clients is speak Portuguese to a Portuguese person. Don't speak Russian to a Portuguese person. Speak they have Suresh, and to speak the language by the way you get talk and standing and listening and talked. You know, at the beginning. So lately it can be more you, but in the beginning, build rapport. Do some Europe matching. Nick Hauser: That's simply how quickly on a call can, can you identify that, you know, where are you, where you should be on that spectrum of high energy, you know, low, slow and focused calm. You know, where, where do you fall? How soon? Vanda Martin: No way they say the way they taught the first two or three phrases and to see for me, by the way, this is how skills can be learned. I already learned that and I practice. So for me, if I have someone who is an unequal who has a voice and little more monotone and softer, I had to go down three, four, five levels because if I become Vonda, hi Alicia, super excited. You know, super strong direct, right? In the beginning I might lose the client so I had to pay attention when I'm talking. And that's the beauty, nick, of knowing your script. That's the beauty of when you practice, practice, role play that you have in grain, you can here, you can listen here to listen instead of just the reply. So you can really deal with the person here one on one because you're not thinking what you're going to say next. Vanda Martin: So because I know my scripts and I can sell with my ass clothes that I liked and day and I hope I don't sound, I guess I'm just happy and proud of what I do. So I am, when I talked to you, I can really go to you and listen what you're saying. How you saying I can't pay attention between the lines because I'm not thinking what I'm pressing next because I know in grain that I'm here to do is to know what you want, know how you want, how you want it. And if I can help you I'll let you know and I help them. So it's a very nice conversation. Nick Hauser: And I guess too, when you, when you get to the point where you're kind of, um, you know, stating your offer to them or um, you know, and you've identified already, right? First few phrases, you know, who you're kind of talking to, what type of person, what tribe they're from. Do you adjust the way you're communicating your offer so it fits them and their way of thinking or feeling example again, that analytical person, we're talking quiet, softer, but when you go to explain to them, you know, hey, I can help you with this, are you, are you making it more analytical? So they got to like get it or you and then the person who is very emotional and they want like the inspiration and everything, do you cater towards that? Towards the end? Vanda Martin: Yes, very much. Again, because I want to speak English to the American political person. I know the and the weakness, the style. I know how they think, how they talk and I know not only analytical person needs to know the data, the information he wants more, he's more detail oriented. And so if I go too fast, too hard, I lose them. If I push my lose them. So I had to give him time to think. I have to give her time to digest it. I have to ask more questions, I have to paint the picture of graphics of data, I have to speak the language. So if I've calls and again I don't push, I'm never have nachos annoying. I'm very much providing a lot of volume and closing is easy. Great. Seems like we read, let's do it right. So I don't do it. Vanda Martin: But again, some people have like the emotion of people that might be all over the place and because he's just excited so you have to bring them down. I mean that kid to you and doors you can close a little nonetheless to do it. This is what we're going to do. But then a little quick that'd be way more reserved. You know the way he likes and a in sometimes you ready full one. The more objections because they will think, I have to think it, I have to digest it. Right. So it's all tailored to them. They way they think, they way they act, their way to talk. Again, building report and speaking the language and presenting the way they understand that. Nick Hauser: The thing is a great point because I think everyone that goes back to knowing your script and knowing how to change it when needed with some of these extra nuances, which really makes the difference between somebody who's okay at do, you know, selling to people when somebody who was really next level, and I think a lot of people, they, they write out their script and template in the editor for them and everything, like in our week three and then they get there and like why? I was on the call and I said it, you know, I said it hell, I had written down, I thought it was the best thing ever, but this person liked, didn't resonated with it and why. And it's usually those little missing pieces that were kind discussing here that they didn't catch on the call. Who am I really speaking to here? Yeah. It's a person who's in my niche who has this problem. But it's also an individual human being who has a personality, a history of way of thinking, a way of feeling about things, the way they make decisions and has all these little things that you're talking about that help really just lock in that rapport and you know, make that person more comfortable with the whole process. Vanda Martin: Any scripts from Sam, it's all questions and you just want, you want to know because what they are, the current situation and the desired situation. And my job is to close the gap. My job is to help them to get better. And I can help them if I'm talking, oh Sally, no, I, we sell down on themselves, but ask me great questions, let them talk. And then, you know, they will tell you the way they talk. They would tell you in many ways, bubbly and know verbally what's they really want. And then you say, well, I can help with that. Just what we can do then Ella and then would you be interested? Let's do you know. So again, yeah, when you, when you know, so one of, one of the things I'll tell here, everyone that I listen, yeah, you got to know his skills because if you're talking to a lot of people and I set an appointment, it's nothing more than a lack of skills. Vanda Martin: So if you have 20 conversation, you can assign one appointment. I mean, well one, uh, sell it means you are, you know, unless the people on that, uh, they don't have the money, but it's still, you can handle the objection and set up time for later. I have some people who say, well, I'm not ready right now, but guess what? I'm going to save someone. I'm coming back in a month and a half. Why? So? Because I know sometimes I, I, I did calls with people that have no money just because I want to give back. I love giving back. I really believe that the price of giving is receiving. So I haven't done, my son says something mom, so you know, watching because your time is precious. I said, I don't know, but some people I just want again. So I, I do a lot of pro bono just to give back. Nice. We're going to know the skills. What, but everything you're doing here too. What's, what's the longterm vision you have here over the next, you know, these few years foreseeable. Oh, so exciting. Is it like I said to you, I'm super goal oriented and I have to be gos. Okay. It's to help a lot of people change a lot of lives. I'm excited about, uh, in the future create creative. The v Cloud. Vanda Martin: I love to have, I'll just pick the thought of all these yesterday. The v Club, you know, maybe two times a year have a group of people mastermind. Can we spend that? They were late or two days. So have the big club. I also have all my bills on my bathroom mirror and one of the goals is to, to um, release two or the digital courses for a year and help people a little bit. The world. Brazil you tell you, you know, America, Canada Allover Anda also help my son. You know, I mean, like I said it to sound [inaudible] is a 25 super smart, great kid. And I told myself I'd been helping so many people to become millionaires. Now one of my missions is to make him help you to become a billionaire. So he's taking the classes, I'm ready to get his niche ready to. So even though he's my Cielo and my company, but he also going to do his own business and uh, so know I just want to give back. What will you say? Well, you know, uh, oh, what am I, a couple of million dollars, $3 million a year doing what I love when I love with the people that I love it just financial freedom and joy. I mean that oneness, right? Yeah. That's awesome. Vanda Martin: Very clear. A fine. Which is good. I think a lot of people sometimes think that gets at this point were there, they started making some money. Lenny's Nick Hauser: implies and they're like, like what? What should my goal be? It it be like this massive thing. Should it be, you know, you know, very healthy amount of money each year and you know, I'm helping other people as well and helping my family. Um, so it's good that you know, you, it just know what it was like, what do you want if somebody is looking for a breakthrough here, right? If somebody says, I need one of these breakthroughs, like I've been hearing about it, I need some actionable steps I need, I need to talk to Vonda to kind of transition out to where can people find more about you online. Vanda Martin: So my website is my name. I'm also on Facebook. They hate him. Austin, my numbers that everywhere. So yeah, Van da that come on the Uh, love what I do love helping people. I can take something here. I just want to really leave this with people here is Vanda Martin: be comfortable because right. He had, this is an amazing time. You know, it's just an amazing time. Even rooms right now. It's a choice, right? We have a good thing here with just beautiful course. You know, this what I help my people, I said, well, he information for transformation. I'm here to give us so much, so much about us. So much knowledge that you're going to transform and you're going to do what you need to do when you're going to be coachable. Because Sam can be here, I can be here. Tony Wall was going to be here and we can give all the information how they buy or the knowledge. But if you don't take action, nothing gets done, you know, go anywhere. Vanda Martin: How will take the action and uh, and you know, if the one, a breakthrough, keep doing what works, keep taking the actions that walks everyday consistently with enough intensity because you can do it everyday. But if it's a very little more than the density, you're not going to have much momentum. So just so you know, this is what I would say he had to, to the people. I'm here to help. They feel I'm going to beautiful course on energy and breaks it off. I'm going to also release soon a fantastic wine. I'll sales help people to convert and very high level. But I want to let you know that unless you know, share with you on last week, keep improving and learning and learning to be coachable. We miss a lot, don't we? Nick Hauser: Yeah. And that's great advice too, because that's what my next question was gonna be was what would your number one piece of advice be for members? But we covered it. So perfect. All in all, it's, it's w before we jump off here too, um, I liked what you said earlier when we spoke the flowers. Can you explain the flowers? Vanda Martin: Yes. So you know, again, I'm all about keeping the energy high level because when you feel good, do more, do better. And I do my calls on zoom. Okay. And, uh, right now I have about 15 clients, agreed amount of people before. I had actually not 39 fines when I worked for that company. I want people to have the best energy coming from it. A lunch to you when you leave here today, five. I have to better just by talking to vomit if he's a friend. But if it's a client I do amazing there. Feel like I can conquer the world just by my coaching call. So I'd play a fish and everything. So my level of delivery, my level value formation and also the environment and I wanted them to see the, the background that is also inspiring, engaging and a I've listed so my clients love it and they say, oh my gosh, I was wondering what I wasn't going to have this week. Again, it's taking care of your mind, your, your, your body but also your environment. So just raising the energy and the other ways I can, Nick Hauser: it's the group one, I must revere the point too, but in later and up level we kind of dive into more of those types of things and somebody is really looking to take things to the next level. Once they're over their limiting beliefs and they kind of got past that upload. We're really focusing more on how do I optimize my whole like life environment, my health and the mindset around being resilient like that when you're reaching for higher goals than when you're just starting out sometimes. Um, so yeah, that, that's why I love talking about that. Earlier. And so I wanted to ask you here too, just to share with everyone else why you have the flowers. Vanda Martin: Um, the day the first course I paid for him to, uh, investment. But now this one, we did it together and I'm super excited about that. And what I've seen so far seems amazing. I'm excited to be in the next level and a, and, and we'll do it. If you asked me something because people asked me already, what, what are you doing? I'm doing everything. That's Sam's teaching us. So my sad put everything together, they all day. It was Tim, that website, the followers and everything. I think that he's so good at it. Why don't we just knowing everything would just fall into formula and a walking on there. So now I'm excited about this next level. I noticed they would put up this super exciting too. And uh, this is awesome. Very awesome. Nick Hauser: Well, Vanda, it's been a great greater experience here speaking with you. And then we walked away a lot of practical insights into what you do. And uh, we dug into what it means more to have a breakthrough. I think a lot of people hear that and they, they go, they kind of write it off. That's not important. Or how does that work? It's, you know, if somebody doesn't understand something, they usually judge it in a negative way. Um, so it's, it's great speaking with you about that. And then we look forward to you not on growing further here. Um, you're not really a bit of Land Clyde, such a short amount of time organically and such, but with the core scaling up with ads and with your experience and everything, it just, it just gonna be, you know, up from here. So, again, great speaking with you. And I look forward to seeing more success moving forward. Yeah, sure thing. Take care.