How Samuele Scaled His Business From $0-$25,000/Month After Leaving The Fashion World

How Samuele Scaled His Business From $0-$25,000/Month After Leaving The Fashion World


How Samuele Scaled His Business From $0-$25,000/Month After Leaving The Fashion World 

Niche:  Helping lawyers dramatically increase their offers and obtaining clients with digital marketing. 

Here's what we cover:

1. Where Samuele started when he started the program. 

2. How Samuele picked, narrowed down and matched his niche with his skills.

3. The type of work Samuele does for his clients. 

4. How Samuele specialized and created a funnel to resolve his clients’ monetary issues. 

5. The steps Samuele uses on LinkedIn to build his platform and gain clients. 

6. Samuele’s six month plans for his consulting business. 

7. The most transformative part of Consulting Accelerator for Samuele. 

Samuele’s #1 piece of advice for members:

Do the work, do the exercise and do it super focused.


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Sam Ovens: Hey everyone, it's Sam Ovens here, and today I have Samuele Guerrucci on with us. Sorry if I said that last name wrong. Samuele Guerruci: It's perfect. Sam Ovens: Sam's got an awesome story, and it's a unique one. Sam was a full-time fashion designer for Louise Vitone, and that was in Paris, right? Samuele Guerruci: Yeah, right. Sam Ovens: He was working a full-time job as a fashion designer, and it was a bit more than full-time. It was like 9:00 Am to 9:00 PM, so entrepreneur hours. Then, he joined Consulting Accelerator in January this year, January 2018, and within the first 30 days after joining, he was able to start his consulting business, and quit his job. Now, he's scaled his business up to the point where it's making $25 thousand per month, and he's not fully self employed. What's your niche? Samuele Guerruci: My niche is lawyers. Sam Ovens: What do you do for them? Samuele Guerruci: I am helping them increasing [inaudible 00:01:05] their offers, and get just how to get clients by digital marketing, and funnels, and stuff like that. Sam Ovens: Good. Samuele Guerruci: But, especially for with a strategy to increase their offer. Sam Ovens: Got it. You, let's go back to when you're working full-time for Louise Vitone. What makes you even want to join a course, or think about starting a business? I don't know how many Louise Vitone fashion designers from Paris have joined Consulting Accelerator. Samuele Guerruci: I started, so the story started a long time ago, because when I was a bit younger, I want to be a CEO of a big fashion company. At that time I was sure to take that path, and with no regrets. But, after four year I discovered that fashion, it's so, so emotional, and zero rational. For me, it was a bit hard, because I'm a more rational person. When I graduated, at that time, the day after I had interview, a job interview at Louise Vitone, but as a fashion designer, and not as a fashion manager. I was not able to say no to a company big like that. I started directly after five days, I was in Paris, I started working. But, after one year, it was so hard, because the path, the journey, it was always the same. You designed, then you present it, and then the 98% of all of your work is canceled, is deleted by the board members. That, for me, was super frustrating. Because, when I work like nine to nine, I was, I believed a lot in what I did, so it was frustrating for me to let someone decide for me of what is good and what is not. In December of 2017, I found real love Italy, so I had to find for two reasons. One, because I want to quit, and the other one, because I want to move from Paris, a way to be self employed for sure. I started with Upwork with some stuff in the meantime of work, to do some graphics in Upwork, and people pay hour. But, it was sucks, because they fight every day, but the only fight they do is for less prices as possible. I did not agree with that, because I told that I sold some really nice graphic and very exclusive. I tried to ticket my graphics way more expensive than the others, but people didn't know that. Didn't know how exclusive of quality that was. I decided to start finding something else. At that time, was a cloud design, and then I see free webinar training from Sam Ovens, and I joined the webinar. From almost 35 minutes, when you brought the real client acquisition math, then I got that, and boom, I bought it. After just 14 days, I got my first clients with strategy session made by LinkedIn at high ticket. It's cool that, and after that time I started, and after 30 days of CA I quit my job. I moved from Paris to Milan in Italy, and then I'm here. Sam Ovens: Cool, and so how did you, when you joined the program and you had to pick your niche, because that's one of the first things we do. Walk me through how you did that. Samuele Guerruci: It was big struggle in that point, as I see in the group, it is the same for everybody. Because, I started with trying to increase the offers of consultants and coaches. But, when you go inside that segment, you find that coaches are travel coach, life coach, mental coach, or strategic consultant with thousands of different [inaudible 00:05:40] process. I didn't want to change completely their process, but I want to deliver just my minimum viable offer. I decided to help them just increase the offer, and I decided to pick lawyers, because they have just one kind of [inaudible 00:06:01] process, no others. You get the client in studio, and then after the studio you get the second time the client in studio. Third time, and after two years, three years, you get the payment, because the process is finished. But, it's super struggling moment, because you have to work with the zero money in advance, and you get the money just if you win. It's super struggling for that to find just high ticket clients, and get paid as soon as they get the fare, the sign on the contract. So, we change that, and I found that this problem was so painful for them, so I decided to work on that. [crosstalk 00:06:46]. Sam Ovens: What was the problem? Samuele Guerruci: The problem is that they are not able so well to get paid as soon as they get signed the contract. The other problem is the [inaudible 00:07:00] process that is super, super long, and they work just on referrals. No website, no, because the politics are strictly and limiting for them by the policies of the nation. We can help in that way, and I found that this problem was the biggest with this segment. Sam Ovens: Got it. You found this problem, and what made you passionate about solving this problem in particular? Samuele Guerruci: Nothing, because I was just able to do that. I decided to work, not on passions, but of what I'm good at. I was super good in negotiating prices, not in other areas, and I just matched the niche with my skills, and I tried to find, I don't know if it's for patience or not, but I tried to find the fastest niche that gave me the best result with the biggest problem. Not major reasons. Sam Ovens: Got it. Then, how did you go about, how did you know you'd be able to solve this problem for that niche? Samuele Guerruci: I wasn't. I wasn't able to solve this problem until I did it. I tried to first, and I tried to tell the client that it takes 60 days to deliver the best strategy for solve the problem. In this 60 days I started 10 books, but I think more, and I did a lot of tests with the different purposes, and I did it myself. I take the first client almost free, almost gratis, because it was the best way to start, get case studies, get experience, and I don't know, make it valuable. I tried to get it free, I deliver wonderful result. With 500 euros, they made almost 10 thousand on it. It started paying me with a proof of concept I go to another one, and then another one, and then another one. Sam Ovens: Got it. Then, how come, what did you do for them? What work did you do for your first client? Samuele Guerruci: For my first client, I realized funnel. Funnel that I tried to sell in different ways, the strategy session, but first I was getting the strategy session for him and closing the clients at a higher value, at a higher ticket. Then, bring it to him. But, I found that now, I'm delivering service six week fortune program that they do by themselves to learn how to get the perfect client with your specialization. Because, everyone, you know better than me, everyone who is a generalist doesn't go further than something really at the low level. I become the specialist, and for a specific niche, as I do, as everyone do. With this strategy, they considered all of their focus, all of their proposes in that niche, and looking for biggest companies, or majority clients, just first on LinkedIn, and then if they want way more, way more, way more, because they want quantity instead of quality, we'll put in some of the Facebook ads, and all of the funnel stuff. But, first they need to learn how to sell, and then they go further. Sam Ovens: How did you solve the problem of them not getting paid upfront or in advance? Samuele Guerruci: With, I found one of your videos on YouTube, and it was a video that you explain four books that was the four books of every time. I bought all the four, and with the screen selling method, I read it completely five times, and then I reduced the script of all the Consulting Accelerator that you teach us, and I reduce that, and I specialized that just for every client. Everyone has a different script with already modified, and already crafted, so they work with that. Sam Ovens: Got it. Samuele Guerruci: Closing in the first call, the client, gets paid with a percentage in advance almost 50%. Then the other 50% at the end, but first, we want the money. This is the fixing of the problem. Sam Ovens: You helped them in two ways. One, getting specialized and then creating the funnel. Well, I guess there's three. Specializing, then creating the funnel to get some lead volume through, and then having a special script to help with conversions, and also collecting money upfront. Samuele Guerruci: Exactly. Sam Ovens: Got it. Samuele Guerruci: Exactly. Sam Ovens: How much was the first client you did, it was free, was it? Samuele Guerruci: Yeah, it was free, because I spent all the money in licensing, and funnels, and stuff like that. It was almost 500, nothing special. I spend even 600 for that client to get result. I was even down, but it was so valuable. Because, it taught me that with 500 he can get 10 thousand. If I asked just the 5%, it's a lot of value for them. Imagine if I ask the 30%, it's still good for them. Sam Ovens: Yeah, and for people listening, your first client, it's totally fine to do it for free, because it's still a good way to get started. You can get started. Samuele Guerruci: Exactly. Sam Ovens: You can learn on the job, you can get a case study, a testimonial, get confidence in yourself, and then start making money on your next ones. Samuele Guerruci: Exactly, and you'll get even a referral. Sam Ovens: How did you get that client? Samuele Guerruci: I started on LinkedIn. I perfectly followed the program. I did every exercise, and I did every of the 10 messages, 10 direct outreach messages for a day. After three days, I got five or six responses, and at this six I got two strategy session, and one I sold. But, I started everything with LinkedIn, and direct outreach. Now, I'm doing Facebook ads for getting the client. But, after almost five or six clients, to get a strong proof of concept. Sam Ovens: How did you get your second client? Samuele Guerruci: In the same way, everything in the same way. Because, from LinkedIn, I found that LinkedIn is the best way to start, if you want to do, if you are in business, and of course Facebook is much more populated, but it's populated by a lot of different niches, and a lot of different segments. They are not segmented perfectly, but in LinkedIn, you can search the professional that you want, the specialist that you want in the special region in the special country. It's super targetized. After that, I started sending the message for connections, "Hello, I am Sam," and I'm making questions. After that, I got on the 15 minutes conversation chat, and after that I tried with a strategy session following the script, and do that, do that, and do that, and after, I don't know, a few, few, very few calls, because I don't know, I was super lucky. But, very few calls, and we got almost three or four clients in 15 calls. Sam Ovens: Got it, and then how do you use LinkedIn specifically, just so I can break it down for people who are listening? You go onto LinkedIn, and what's the first step you do? Samuele Guerruci: I got on LinkedIn, and then I bought the premium one, because when you bought that you can targetize perfectly every differentiation element that you need to segment the perfect client, so I started selection the region of Italy for lawyers, just for lawyers who has big law firms. With also I did law firms, and we did also see the law firm as I'm looking for the managing partner, the head of the studio. I send a message to him, and I say, "Hello, I am Samuele Guerrucici, I would like to expand my network for business on LinkedIn, and I'm helping lawyers increasing from what they offer, by consulting strategy." Just that, I send it, and I got a lot responses, because I did nice shoot on LinkedIn, with a nice [inaudible 00:17:22] with a nice profile, and just like that, and I got the connection. After the connection, I send the first message, and the first message is almost every time a question, just to get in chat with them, and just to have a friendly conversation. After 10 phrases, 10 messages, I go for the strategy session, and almost 40% of them, now, almost 40% of the them is going for a strategy session. After that, the 25, 30% of the session, with the strategy session I close the deal. Sam Ovens: Got it. Cool. Samuele Guerruci: I didn't even know that this was so simple. It was simple. It's not easy, it's simple. Because, everyone who want to have a consulting business, the problem is to acquire clients. Then, the second problem is that you don't want to fight for prices. As I follow the program, I choose my niche, and with the second week that I think it's the most powerful one, I understood that I could ask whatever I want if I bring enough value. This kick me and I skyrocket. Sam Ovens: Nice. I think, the biggest obstacle isn't getting clients. It's adding value. Because, if you add lots of value, you'll get client. Do you know what I mean? But, people just, they get too attracted to, well, I need the technology, I need the website, I need the fame, I need the book, I need the podcast. Samuele Guerruci: I don't need nothing. No one need nothing. Sam Ovens: Yeah, whoever hires someone and pays them money, because they've got a podcast? Never. Samuele Guerruci: No, and I didn't know that it was like that. I thought, as you tell it now, I thought all of that stories, I thought that everything you need initial investment to start something, and it's not like the course, it's like big initial investment. Because, with that you need to get a fancy office, a fancy plants, fancy something. But, I started working not even with my laptop, just with my phone on LinkedIn. If you need just a phone to do something, it's because everything possible, it become possible for everyone. Sam Ovens: Yeah, and so how many clients have you got now? Samuele Guerruci: Now, I've got 24 clients that are continuous clients, and some spot story that I did with different consultants. But, I'm focusing on this, and the last few clients, they applied for the new program, because I'm trying to take the next level of the business. Because, I have a proof of concept now, and I want to try to engage the people to do that themself. Because, it's another difficulty of let the client understand that it's a [inaudible 00:21:11] job. It's not just a job that is made by me for you, as I did before. Because, a done for you, it's perfect to start, but if you want to scale, it become harder, because you need more people, you need more hours in the day to do that. Now, I'm involving that in the program, and let them understand all the bases to do. Sam Ovens: Have you put the program together yet? Samuele Guerruci: Yeah. Sam Ovens: Have you sold the program yet, or are you still selling done for you? Samuele Guerruci: I'm still selling done for you, and I'm building the program now. I'm probably I'm going online on September. Sam Ovens: Nice, and you're moving to the program, because you've already noticed the pattern, you can see the proof of concept, you know they can do it themself. Samuele Guerruci: It's exactly the same for everyone. Specialty of this niche is, because they are way out of technology, because they are so academic the [inaudible 00:22:20] are just from books, the exam at university were just on books. Notifies are just on paper, so they are completely out of technology. But, if I teach them exactly where to click, they click it, and it's not difficult. The most difficult part, it's let them understand that they can ask more. Sam Ovens: Yeah, they went to law school. There's probably harder to be honest. Samuele Guerruci: Exactly. It's super harder, because it just academic way of think, and to let them understand that the world is not just academic, it's a gap. Sam Ovens: Academic isn't really real. [crosstalk 00:23:12] It's good for getting respect from other academics, but that's about it. Samuele Guerruci: But, it's not so simple to get the respect from academics, because they think that [crosstalk 00:23:22]. Sam Ovens: Then, it fails. There's no, it's an abstraction of reality, really. It's like [crosstalk 00:23:33]. Samuele Guerruci: Because, when they think, when you become an academic, you think that the world goes on paper, but the world goes on people. People are not a book. It's not already written. They have different pasts, different life, and every client even for lawyers, it's different, and if you don't specialize, you don't ... You need to become the best at one topic. You just become a middle lawyer in a middle country, in a super average. Sam Ovens: Got it. What's next for you? Where do you want to be in a year from now, five years from now? What's your mission and vision with this? Samuele Guerruci: My vision it's use consulting to first in six months, I want to get almost a million from the course, this is my plan, with the investment in publicity and advertising. For next, I want to achieve first this objective, and then I have some ideas for next, but for sure and 10, 20 years, I want to become an entrepreneur in something that is not just a consulting, but it becomes something that offer different ways to become free to people. Sam Ovens: Because, you said, do you have an urge to do your fashion design thing at all, now that you're dealing with lawyers and all of that? Samuele Guerruci: It's completely different, but I discovered that fashion is not for me. I would like to teach something to people, but I don't understand the way of people that if you are the first [inaudible 00:25:44] you are the first who gets the designs on sales. I don't agree with that. I'm going for meritocracy more than image, and results more than talks. If I am like that, I think that maybe I am not the best person for fashion. Maybe someone else can do it better than me. I am more in other stuff, and I want to- Sam Ovens: You'd rather solve a real world human problem. Samuele Guerruci: Yeah. I want to [crosstalk 00:26:21]. Sam Ovens: Rather than just make some rich people look fancier. Samuele Guerruci: Exactly, I want to try. I want to try, because the hunger it's a lot, and clothes doesn't solve it. I want to, I don't know, you are a lot of inspiration for everyone in the course, but I found a lot of common points when you talk in the training. I found that something that you're speaking about, and something that it was something that I already thought, but I wasn't able to put that in a process, in a line that it's organized. When I found that there is a process possible, but the possible process was not just the one thing. Because, if you start to think as you teach in the program, you can achieve whatever you want, you need just to apply to that, and to find a way. Because, the world is full of problems. Sam Ovens: People think all the problems have been solved, but I'm like, I say, find me a human being that doesn't have a problem. Samuele Guerruci: Eh. Sam Ovens: You can't find someone who doesn't have a problem, so the problems exists. Samuele Guerruci: But, the problems are even if I want to move this from here to here. This is a problem. If you put yourself in the middle, as the gap, as a vector to bring from this actual situation to a desired situation, you can solve whatever you want. Sam Ovens: Yep, and the bigger that gap, the bigger the impact, and the wealth, and everything. Samuele Guerruci: And, the bigger the sales. Sam Ovens: Cool. What would you say, going through that whole process, what would you say has been the most transformational thing that you've learned from the program? Samuele Guerruci: I think, I'm staying on the second week, because the second week, a lot of people think that if you have the tactics, if you have the techniques, you can win on others. But, the mindset is what's changed my life. Because, I before, let's make a step before. Before, I was a person that, okay, I'm cool on fashion, I'm a designer for Louise Vitone, but I was just an intern. I'm getting 1200 for the salary, and I spent 1100 for the rent of my apartment. I was living as a [inaudible 00:29:21], they say in France. Sam Ovens: What does that mean? Samuele Guerruci: Homeless. Because, with 100 per month, you can't do anything. It was, you were fancy, but you were nothing. Sam Ovens: You had the image, but not the reality. Samuele Guerruci: Exactly. This is the gap for everyone who work in fashion. They work in fashion brands, they go to runways, they go to a lot of fashion parties, but after they come back to a house that is smaller than my sofa. There is a gap, and I think that reality is more important than an image. I try to find another way. Sam Ovens: It reminds me of video game. Like, because in a video game you can be awesome, you can be the king in the video game, but then you're still, when you're out of the video game, you're in your mom's basement. You know what I mean? Samuele Guerruci: Exactly, and [crosstalk 00:30:21]. Sam Ovens: Fashion's like that, but in the real world. It's like, I'm real popular, I'm cool, I'm fashionable and trendy, and I'm with these cool people going to these cool spots. But really, I'm a loser. You know what I mean? Samuele Guerruci: Yeah, they are even, I don't know, hundred of thousands of people on Instagram who follow them, who follow their stories, and I don't know, 50 thousand of people who watch your stories. But, you just record what is next and what is front to you, because no one's record what is their life in reality. It's completely different from the fancy stuff they show. Sam Ovens: Yeah, like always dressed up, posing, and always doing, it's so fake. Because, a lot of people look at it, and they're like, man, this person's life must be like this all the time. You know what I mean? Samuele Guerruci: Exactly. Exactly, because you think that the life is that one, but just they know that it's not like that, and it's difficult to be, let's say clear person when you talk about everything that's in your life, if your life it's a page on a magazine. It's not a real life. They say that there is no problem, there is no difficulties, life is wonderful. But, in their inside part, there is not. When I face the, with the mindset week, I discovered that there is a way that if you do hard work, and if you add value on even something so tiny, but it creates a pain for someone, and you can fix it, the world change. The world changed, because now you can ask for everything. It's not, because we say that our is not a real job. Someone say, "That it's not a real job, because we just advise people or we teach something to them," and they say, "Okay, if I would know it, I would do it by myself," but you didn't do it. Why you didn't do it? This is the problem. When I discovered that there are other ways to get out of this, it changed my life. Sam Ovens: Awesome. What would your number one piece of advice be for other members who are in the community? You've been through the program, and you've seen what people struggle with and everything. What would your number one piece of advice be for them? Samuele Guerruci: Do the work. Do the work, do the exercise, and do it with your heart. Do it super focused, because it could be something stupid when you first time you faced it, it's the most powerful things that you can understand in two rows of writing. You can decide what is your life. You can write what is your objective, and when you have something written, when you follow a process, believe in that process, because that process works, and works great. I want to have another interview with you in one year, and we can say what is changing again, thanks to this program. Sam Ovens: Awesome. How can people learn more about you, or find you? Because, we're gonna put this on YouTube, maybe a lawyer sees it who lives over in Europe. How does he find you? Samuele Guerruci: They can find me on Facebook at my name Samuele Guerrucici, or they can find me on Instagram at @Samuele, and on LinkedIn for sure. But, if you want to know how to help a lawyer, go on [email protected], this is the website of my company. Sam Ovens: Awesome. Well, thanks a lot for jumping on and sharing your story. I'm sure it's gonna inspire a lot of other people to choose reality over perception. Samuele Guerruci: Thank you very much to you, Sam. Hope to see you in New York. Bye. Sam Ovens: See you. Samuele Guerruci: See you.