How Alexia Made $9,800 In Just 30 Days Helping Health Coaches Build Custom Marketing Software

How Alexia Made $9,800 In Just 30 Days Helping Health Coaches Build Custom Marketing Software


How Alexia Made $9,800 In Just 30 Days Helping Health Coaches Build Custom Marketing Software

Niche: Helping health coaches build custom marketing software. 

Here's what we cover:

1. Where Alexia was before joining Consulting Accelerator. 

2. The major personal issues she faced and how she turned them into an asset.

3. Who Alexia helps and how she structures her offer to them.  

4. How she built up her personal network and deployed her marketing strategy. 

5. How Alexia landed her first two clients. 

6. Alexia’s plans for 2019. 

Alexia’s #1 piece of advice for members:

Build relationships. 


Transcript / MP3

Nick Hauser: 00:01 Welcome everybody, Nick Hauser here and in today's interview I'm gonna be sitting down with Alexia schluter and Alexia actually joined the consulting accelerator program a little while ago, back in October of 2016 and after know experience in a few roadblocks, she was really overcome a few specific challenges which are going to jump into and after doing that in just 30 days from launching her new offer and their new kind of marketing plan of attack, she's able to make up to $10,000 now, specifically 9,800 and so we're going to really jump in to this transformation she made and some of the obstacles she faced initially and how she overcame those and why it's important for others to do that and how that all really synthesize together to the point where just 30 days on she had them a new momentum. She's able to make around $10,000. So Alexia, how are you doing? Alexia Schlueter: 00:48 I'm great, thanks. And Hello? From California. Nick Hauser: 00:53 So it's been a little while now. October of 2016. We're now in December 2018. Before you joined accelerator, you know, what was going on in your life and business like what were things looking like? Alexia Schlueter: 01:06 I'm essentially, I'm raising my daughter by myself and uh, I was doing nothing other than parenting. It became very obvious I needed to put together resources for her college and it just wasn't acceptable to live in. No. Okay. I wanted to live large. It was time to take the step up and I began actually my marketing consulting firm in April of 2016 with a partner that I had to let go up and I immediately jumped into Sam's group in October of 2016. And I'm so glad I did. Nick Hauser: 01:45 Awesome. So before the, your, you're running your own business or started in April 2016. And what, where were you kind of offering before you jumped into the program and what were things looking like for the initial launch of the business in April 2016? Alexia Schlueter: 02:01 Well, initially I was building, once again, marketing software, uh, for corporate enterprise use, but I couldn't get my funding together and my partner was unwilling to foster the cost of the company. So I knew immediately that I needed to get a solo plan for really building my own consulting firm. There was no way I could do it as a partnership. I, I have a background as a professional engineer, so I'm licensed and I can literally just be my own consulting firm. I couldn't do it on my own. I ended up making really great connections in the community right away and uh, it made a huge difference being with the group. Nick Hauser: 02:50 Got It. So you joined the program you are looking to, you know, live lars, do things on your own term, really take that next step. What? Like immediately once you joined the October 2016, what happened next? Like what was like the first few things that happened, Alexia Schlueter: 03:06 ready to just do strategy sessions and I was booking calls six weeks after I bought the program and I got sued. I had a judgment for $20,000 filed against me by the bank. I literally went into $20,000 debt and it just shut me down. Got It. So what did I do? I hired an attorney. We settled out of court. I took an entire year to pay them off and reestablish my credit and in October of 2017 I filed for a bank loan and I received a bank loan for $10,000 at zero percent interest, which is how I funded and started my company and I opened shop in January of 18. I don't have to pay any interest or principal back to the bay until July 20, 20. Nick Hauser: 04:16 And going back to, you know, you started your company April 2016 trying to figure things out and then you joined the program and now you're booking calls and go to this positive momentum. What did it feel like to get hit with something like serious like that? As far as the suit goes as far as your, like your momentum, like what did that feel like? Alexia Schlueter: 04:37 It literally shut me down because it was okay, this is reality. I had a smart phone to start the company with my laptop got stolen, another story and I didn't have the money to even buy a computer or pay for childcare, so it took me an entire year. During that year, I went back and I reread chapter two of the course and Sam was very specific about this. He said, if your personal issues are so intense that it's stopping you and affecting you from performing in your career, then take care of them, fix your personal life, and so I did. It took an entire year to pay off the debt. It took. Okay. Check out how I ended up psychologically preparing my daughter for the fact that I was going back to work because she was so upset she couldn't handle it. I talked with the school principal and he was the one who taught me the psychology behind why the family members who had so much anxiety and resistance to me being successful. Alexia Schlueter: 05:57 It was the high school principal who helped me teach my family, just be supportive and get the child care together. All of that. So that was it. I was ready to open shop in November 2017 and by January 2018 of this year, I took a following of 400 people and literally multiplied it by 12 times. I was up to 5,000 people in my network and marketing for a my first marketing group by January. It was just instantaneous. Now, most people, when there was something like that, even if they had a little momentum previously, they would have crumbled. You know, they get hit with a lawsuit. I know. What, what really devastating. What made you get hit with something and push forward and find your way around it. I kept going to the q and a calls on Fridays. Okay. I knew that joining the community was more than just reading the book. Sam kept saying, this is a do it thing, don't just read, stop reading and get up and go do it. So even though I knew I wasn't in a position to really open up business, I didn't stop with the class. I went to q and a's on Fridays. You remember nick? I was there. Okay. And I went back when I got my funding and my money was ready and I looked over the year that I spent, even though I wasn't generating revenue, Alexia Schlueter: 07:48 I was doing everything. I was doing practice strategy calls. I always studying and I'm not just studying, I was making relationships with people in the niche doing market research, product development, so that entire year I was underground and I couldn't buy a computer or really get started. I accomplished so much in relationship building and the foundation building so that I knew when I got the money I was just totally ready. My action plan, my war map, my team of people from the community, they were the ones who were really holding me together. It's a great example. I have to say thank you to the other members of the community who have supported me. I think especially few people who know that they are. Thank you. Okay. The community. We are here to build each other up. Nick Hauser: 09:04 Nice. That's really a great example of, you know, when you pretty much have. You can go out and you know you don't have the money and you can't be running your business. You took that and still found a way to make it a positive and almost simulated as much as possible and was doing some things that maybe couldn't generate revenue but still was going to help you long term when you were ready, like you said, the point when you're ready to, you need the money because I'm ready to go now. So that's really awesome. Along the way of you doing that too, you know, you mentioned that you had some, some struggles in conflict with family and you were maybe thinking a new way about success and making money and there were some obstacles around that too. Can you jump into that a little and describe what was going on? Alexia Schlueter: 09:47 Wow. What else? Specifically? I have a daughter who I'm raising alone and she's a kid and so, um, this is actually an, a literal example. Okay. I've opened a shop in 2018. I'm producing content and stuff. The first time I sat down at my new workstation because obviously I've got all this devices by now and I'm actually put inputting into the computer my content that I'm going to publish. I'm like producing my first published content like in this space that we're videotaping right now and like eight feet away. My daughter is screaming at the top of her lungs. She's having a full on anxiety attack because mom is producing content. She realizes that this is a whole nother level than whatever she was doing before, you know, strategy calls, direct messaging. I got her trained. She knew when I was on the phone she had to stay in her own space and not disturb mom, but here I am at my computer publishing content with a child eight feet from my ear having a full on anxiety attack. So obviously I just stopped what I was doing and then I had to get the resources. I mean I had to go literally to the school, talk with the principal, explained what was going on Alexia Schlueter: 11:22 and this is what he told me. He said that the family members in your intimate partners who are closest to you, see now that your attention is going elsewhere and they are coming from a fear dynamic that now they are are less important than your computer. That's scaring them. So you have to reassure them that being financially stable is going to be a good thing for our family and that's hard for a kid to get because you know, all her needs are already met. She doesn't realize I'm saving for college, so I really have to reassure her mom is there for you and we're building a dynasty and we're going to have a better life. And she got it. Then she was showing up for me. Then she started producing content herself. Now she's a multimedia producer. Nick Hauser: 12:24 Was this specifically like your daughter or was it, um, other people too in your close family that was, you know, experiencing are showing the same kind of behaviors and maybe different ways. Alexia Schlueter: 12:35 It's embarrassing to say that my parents who are older now, they're not senile or anything, they're very lucid, but when they realized that I was now going back to work, they didn't think, you know, they didn't think that I would be taking as good care of my daughter. They're like, how are you going to go to work and be a parent? So they were very skeptical. They were not supportive. And once again, I went back to the high school counselor, talk to him again and about my parents and how to psychologically prepare them for the fact that when they support me, when they help with childcare, everybody wins. So I created a win win dynamic for my parents that I was going to be independent financially because they've had to help with my daughter's medical bills. She has a very high set of medical bills. So I had to make a win win dynamic for them that I'm going to be able to pay for my daughter's college. I'm going to be able to do pay for her medical bills when they realize that what I need from you. I told him straight up, I need help with childcare and that's when they started helping in the evening so I can keep my office open til 8:00 PM now. Yay. Nick Hauser: 14:09 And for anybody else to who is maybe experiencing some sort of resistance, whether it's from children or anybody, just really not understanding something new they're doing. If it's like a business and they have to take their attention offer, they're not there as much. You know, what's it like? What's a practical way that you kind of accomplished this to that you sit down and have a serious conversation or you know, what's an example of you too that somebody else can model off of? Alexia Schlueter: 14:37 That's a great question. Great question. I found that just sitting down and talking with them and confronting them is about the worst way to handle it. The first place I'd go is to an external resource. Someone who has experience in psychology who can help counsel you on fostering your relationship with your spouse. It could be your spouse, your family, the most intimate people in your circle. Because I've worked with other business coaches. They're very adamant about this. When you don't have the support of your family, your husband or your wife or your kids it. It's A. It's a recipe for failure. So I have so many resources because I'm a health and wellness industry, professional. People essentially counsel pro bono to me, so find the resources to help you psychologically understand the root or cause of that one person's anxiety. When you understand where their fears coming from, you take an action. Alexia Schlueter: 16:02 You don't talk about it, you do to think to address your fear. Let's say my daughter was afraid because I was spending time on the computer, so I got off the computer. I spent time with her. Then when I went back to the computer, she understood that it was for her benefit, for her financial stability. Then she was like, okay, mom, go do your stuff. That's totally different than sitting down and talking to a person. They don't like that. It's. It's confrontational. You have to show up. You have to show up for your family member, spend quality time with them and explain to them that the time you spend at the computer and with that your business is for their benefit so they see the time you spend with your company building a dynasty and a legacy for them that they're going to share with you. Then they're like, yeah, we want you to be happy. We want you to win. Nick Hauser: 17:15 And so up until this point, you've been in the program as you're going through all of this. So you ever came the the financial challenge and then you had to overcome this personal challenge with your daughter and parents and by the whole time you're making the most out of it, your attendant q and a calls, you're practicing, you're doing market research, product development. Finally, when you get to that point, let's transition now into the business and kind of who you help and everything. What was like the first thing that happened once you got that $10,000 and you were ready to launch? Like what happened next? Alexia Schlueter: 17:48 Obviously I a hardware purchase so that I could actually function and I was as. I'm not kidding. As soon as I had my computer system set up in two days, I started to collect offers because understand that whole year I was on the smart phone. I was talking to people. I never tried to sell anybody anything. All I did was help them. All I did was help them with their business. Just a little thing, just a little thing, and so when I got my, my hardware set up, people immediately came to me with offers and I just said yes. The first time around I said yes to everybody, and by month number two I could start saying no. So my first big win was to do affiliate marketing for Christian Michelson. Once I did affiliate marketing for him, I had my proof of concept, my case studies, uh, all his support. Alexia Schlueter: 18:58 And then I started getting offers for more people. I started marketing for other affiliates, but I stayed within my niche so that I was always developing a theme and purpose the whole time. It was very congruent, but it was picking up, getting picked up with Christian Michaelson. I'm doing so much work for him right now. We've already met in person. I'm signing up in enrolling his clients into my business academy. I'm growing his list. It's all from affility. Affiliate Marketing was my first big breakthrough I can. Can you describe for other people wanting to know who is the Micha to help and what do you help them do? I am a certified advanced health holistic medical practitioner, and aside from being a software engineer, I could never figure out how to morph those two career identities until I it chapter one, four times over. I knew my niche was going to be building some sort of software for the health and wellness industry. Alexia Schlueter: 20:21 That niche is too large, so I had to pare it down so I actually broke that industry into 27 categories and I saw which categories started to really be interested in what I had to offer, which is business and lifestyle coaching initially, and that's when I just gaining huge numbers of following thousands of people joining my connections, watching videos, asking to join all kinds of stuff of like health and wellness coaches because that affiliate marketing I'm doing the guy trains health coaches. So for example, I went to health coach institute networking events and would sign up hundreds of health coaches at a time onto my network. Uh, same for Christian Michelson events. I show up live. I don't just talk to people. I find out when the events come to San Diego and I go, I show up and I just enroll people on the spot on mass. Nick Hauser: 21:42 And when you say huge [inaudible] Oh, I built software marketing software for their companies to market their services and what does it look like to, for somebody who's maybe not familiar with, you know, a marketing software is and how that actually helps a health coach specifically. Like what does it help them do? Can you explain the step by step of them? Okay. This is great Alexia Schlueter: 22:05 because there's three, three critical elements for success. Okay. Number one is a product. In my industry we focus on service based product so we don't sell and distribute things. So I chose an industry which is service space. It's very important that you market to your industry whether it's service based or product based. So I chose service based. Okay. So these people have nothing to sell. I have nothing to sell. So I helped them develop and package a product. Alexia Schlueter: 22:54 They have to be able to deliver their product. So there's a lot of technical packaging and service delivery issues, market research, and helping them develop an actual service product and package package for the product. Number two is marketing. You have to have marketing. So obviously I offered the full services marketing from a to Z. I can coach them to help them do it themselves. I will build the software. My company will build your funnel, your sales process, both the automated sales process and the scripts that you need for directly connecting with people over messaging. Okay, so we provide all of the software content creation, website, rebuilding, landing pages in an integrated system because we focus on the flavor of you as a business owner. Say you're a health coach, year, authentic self, your theme, your color, all of that stuff. That's how we serve you as the health coach, for example, to get your marketing together from a to z. The thought process. Okay? Number three, in order to succeed, you must have the time and the money to spend on your company. You have to spend money on product developing and marketing. Okay? So if you have obstacles in your personal life or your financial life, I gave you the Bijou is the business coaching to get it together, get your funding together so that you can invest. Nick Hauser: 25:05 So with those structures, the health coach comes in and how do you package that? Like is is one of it just you actually doing it for them and then another practice is coaching or is it a hybrid? What do those look like? Alexia Schlueter: 25:20 Various people have various announced this is actually really important to the people who are working in Sam's group. When I do my quote unquote niche selection, I'm not just picking the industry to work in. I'm creating my product, my service based product for a specific point in that company's business model where I concerned them the most efficient sleep. So the first thing that I do, and this is something a lot of companies don't do, I became a lead generation specialist at qualifying prospects because I take that time to get to know each and every company. How large are they? What is their plan for growth? How much money do they have budgeted for marketing? These are things I'm going to know before I ever go onto a strategy call with them. Okay. I'm going to take the time to review the links they send me. Alexia Schlueter: 26:27 They're gonna Express interest in me as a marketing service. They're going to ask me to send them their stuff. This is backwards of most marketing. Okay? Most people just start going to miss this and saying, Hey, do you want to buy marketing? I never do that. I'm like, I take the time to get to know you. Where is your company? Yeah, so I have to design a solution for each company based on their business and data model, their startup companies who need funding. There's new companies that need to move to the next revenue and profit level, so I have to ascertain what level each company is and then I have a solution that fits and makes sense for them. A small startup company cannot afford to buy my high ticket program for $10,000. Okay, so I offer them a way to move in by starting out at $3,000. You see how that makes sense so I can accommodate the business at each growth level and it's specifically health coaches. You're helping write it, right? Just within the health and wellness industry, for example, I might have acupuncturists have life coaches, a nature path. Doctors, they're all gonna be alternative medical practitioners and I do have business coaches because business coaches really like hiring business coaches. It's crazy, so business coaches too. Nick Hauser: 28:19 What's the big problem that allow those people are facing that your coaching and slash or your marketing services help them achieve? Alexia Schlueter: 28:28 That's a great question because that year of underground where I didn't have my funding, I was able to intimately do market research. I talk to people. I put up polls and surveys. I started facebook group, I emailed people, I got on zoom calls and I asked them over and over the same question, what's your challenge? Because I wanted to find a problem that was common industry wide and that's how I developed my specialty and my expertise, which is lead generations. They always said the same thing. We more, we need more leads. Where do we find the right people? They asked me where do we find the right people at? I became a people finding expert. Then it had to go to not just find the people, how do I qualify them and help them decide to buy my service. That's a whole nother level of qualifying leads, so I am now helping people qualify leads, filter leads, build drip funnels and fragmentation funnel's for the people who have a higher technical skill set. We take. I take data streams because I'm a data scientist. I'm crazy like with database stuff. I'm create for my people, multiple data streams. Alexia Schlueter: 30:06 I feed them into my software and they formed little streams and rivers just like in nature. There's a giant big channel wave that goes through and then all the little side streams I catch and I read percolate up and then I find out, you know, why is it what I have for sale right now isn't the right product for you? And they say, well, I really want to buy from you, but that's not the right service. I don't need what you have for sale right now. And then I use them to develop my next product. It's too perfect. Nick Hauser: 30:46 What do you mean by like your custom software? So it's something you programmed yourself. Alexia Schlueter: 30:52 I worked with a team of engineers and we build enterprise marketing software. It's proprietary software. We own the software and I do the technical architecture engineering for the engineers who built the software. It's big. It's way big. Nick Hauser: 31:15 Okay. Can you describe the technical architecture a little more of like what that means when working with a team of engineers. What your role is there? Alexia Schlueter: 31:24 Okay. I'm going to give you a little bit of background that I have been doing marketing, engineering, engineering in the past for enterprise or corporate models, which is in the $10,000,000 revenue range and above. Okay. So their business and data model is different than a small company. So Alexia Schlueter: 31:49 firstly when I was engineering contracting for Intel Corporation, I built a machine, a software machine. I'll use some technical terms. I used a cad, an equivalent of a cad software program called case, which is case computer agents, aided systems engineering software tool is this corporate software. It costs $30,000 to buy with a $6,000 per person monthly subscription fee, so the corporation buys the software for the engineers, and then I literally built the software to engineer the entire. You heard me the entire marketing department for Intel. That's huge, huge amount of data. So now I'm consulting for smaller firms. I have prebuilt along with my team of engineers, the proprietary software. Now please understand this. When the corporation by this custom software from me as an engineering consultant, it costs $1,000,000. Okay? That's what they paid a million dollars. I have built this software and now I own it. We the academy and we can sell it to our clients for $3,000 a year. Why? We don't have the overhead. It doesn't cost us a million dollars to make. Alexia Schlueter: 33:33 Does that make sense? So on selling enterprise grade software for companies the size of Sam Ovens for $3,000 a year for a subscription fee, it's incredible. Like nobody can do that. And the reason why is because I've got the business and data model for every stage of your company, whether you have zero revenue or $10, million revenue, the machine is made to bring you in at a cost you can afford. That makes sense. Can you describe it a little more? We can give an example. Okay. So let's say health coach Bob comes in and he's established, he has an infusion soft with 100,000 people on it. He's generating, let's say 50,000 of revenue per quarter. Okay. So he's a qualified enterprise operating business. Okay. The actual process is. The first thing we do is we sit down with Bob One-on-one for three hour power session with my two content specialists and producers for a brainstorm and mastermind session. Alexia Schlueter: 35:09 They take away everything from Bob Health coach that he wants like his theme, his colors, his message, all of that stuff. And we literally build the sales process. We do the rebuild on the website, we put up the full landing page process. Okay. And then when he starts to get all of his new subscribers, they go into our proprietary crm and we do the infusion soft migration and boom, Bob's infusion soft built is gone now for paying less than what Bob was paying to be on infusion soft. He gets all of the email is building all of the funnel and website building all of the content coaching and then a lifetime membership into the academy. That's phenomenal. Nick Hauser: 36:19 It's kind of like a crm, like a manager, the context thinking about as the campaigns and the funnels and properly attribute who came from where, but it sounds like it's um, combined with this coaching as well as being able to build out the funnels for them versus just, you know, the actual web pages. I mean, then you can build up the campaign and everything, but the webpages as well. That's part of it. Versus an infusion software. You can build the campaign, you can attribute things with, like affiliate Id is where everything came from. But the actual web pages and funnels you might not be as a click funnels or an unpressed. So that's how it's related. But different Alexia Schlueter: 36:56 and it helps lower the cost because instead of having multiple subscription based like unbounce or infusion soft, you might be honest. Somebody else like ontraport or whatever, you just have one bill you, you pay, that's it. You don't have to have invoices from all those other companies, and the other good thing is as your company grows, you don't have to worry about your bill changing because your list gets so big that now infusion soft going to bill you at a new rate. We aren't going to accommodate your data stream, no matter how large it gets, for one annual fee, that's about the same as being infusionsoft. So your cost of running your business goes down that that increases your profit to to cost ratio, and then of course your revenue goes up because now we have the sales process for you because when your company grows, especially if you're doing coaching or service based business, there's going to be less of you to go around for more people. Alexia Schlueter: 38:08 Sam keeps talking about this, how you have to be able to serve more people in the same amount of time. Okay, so we've designed the machines to offload a lot of the work for the health coach because these are small businesses. This solution is decide, is designed for small startups and small businesses so they can accommodate all these clients and all this new service delivery. That's what I want my health coach to be focusing on. Happy customers, excellent service delivery. I will take care of the marketing for you because you're going to be doing what you're getting paid for, which is generating revenue. See, when my health coach spends his time on marketing, he's not getting paid for health club chain. He needs to spend his time getting paid for health coaching. Then he can afford marketing. Does that make sense? Nick Hauser: 39:10 Yup. So let's jump in though till you got everything in line or you overcame these challenges we discussed earlier. We dived into kind of what's your helping health coaches do and how that looks step-by-step procedurally and how it's different than other solutions out there they may be using at the moment. Now for you, once you got an order, we kind of said in the beginning, 30 days went by and you were able to, you know, make 9,000, $800. How did you land those two clients? Alexia Schlueter: 39:37 How did I do this super, super fast? Okay, I love this. Okay. So in August of this year, now we're getting current. I um, well obviously I talk every, everyone that I've been affiliate marketing all year long. So I mean my network is just like on fire. What used to be 400 is now like $40,000, so I didn't 10 times 100 times say so right now I just sit back and everything comes to me. So I declined offers at this point to hire me. So in August I accepted an offer to work with a partner here in Sam's community and the reason why when I turned the machine on, when we went live with the, with the actual landing page where people could actually buy our stuff was because I spent August and September about 60 days doing what I have perfected and why people are so interested in my marketing service is priming my audience, preparing them with thought provoking one minute videos with subtitles that absolutely don't sell anything, not really solution oriented. Alexia Schlueter: 41:04 Their thought content videos, they're not training, they're not information. It's designed. I created this video serious. The purpose for me was to get people to qualify themselves. So my whole marketing Schema is based on sending people thought provoking contact so that they make the decision to move forward with their marketing. That's how they self qualify. That's how they move forward. And that's how I create revenue on my site. So before I put the sales process or a landing page up, I spent 60 days posting twice a week. One minute videos. I started a youtube channel, so I had so many of them. I had to store them somewhere and it's expensive to store that much bias, so I just put them all up on a youtube channel. Now I can drive my traffic there, so I was just what I call psychologically priming my audience. Alexia Schlueter: 42:21 Okay. Where were you doing that? You know, where were those original did on Linkedin? I do everything on your connecting with people to get them into your. Like you're sending out connection messages everyday and such and then video. Okay. Everything's on linkedin. I have facebook on the side. It's like a party. Linkedin is business, so in less than 10 months I took 400 people on linkedin up to like right now I'm $8,000. That's a lot. And how did you do that? Like by adding people every day? The very first thing I did when I got my new computer was learn the linkedin platform, the INS and outs. I started following linkedin experts like Josh Turner, I'm Neil Patel on my linkedin network and I started learning from them and the first thing I had to do was completely update my linkedin profile before I tried to meet anybody. It's like you have to go to the salon and look nice first. So I did a complete makeover. I mean we're talking over on my linkedin profile. I had to do key word searches, headlights, searches and all of that to learn how to optimize my profile first. Alexia Schlueter: 43:55 Then when I did the connection buttons and that's all I did was hit connect. Like some people are like, oh, do you send messages? Like introducing. I did testing to see if I got a better response rate connecting with or without a message and it was far better without the message. It just looked like a marketer. He hitting them up looking for money. When I tried to talk to them first, just hit the connect button. Either they join or they don't join, and then people started seeing that I was friends with their friends and once they saw that I like 70 people or more connected as brands. They just automatically connect because they. They see that I'm offering something on the linkedin platform that's worth listening to and these first two clients know like what are the sales process look like to actually get in touch with them and then sell them and get them involved with the software. Alexia Schlueter: 44:55 By the time I put up a quote unquote landing page, which actually my business partner literally built. Okay. I didn't even build it. I had a very specific set of roles with my business partner. I do lead generation and you built because she's an engineer and I worked with engineers a lot, so I'm always like that guys. I'm sending you leads, you build the stuff and I tell him what to build each and every time for each and every group. I have my team event in years updating landing pages every week will be another funnel. Will you build me another this building? Other than that, I mean I've got them all just jumping and hopping up my feet to just whip this stuff up in a matter of hours because they're so used to it. Okay. So all I did was talk to people, put up these videos for 60 days, and then on day 61 I actually offered links for people to go to and purchase. Alexia Schlueter: 46:05 And of course somebody did. It was automatic. What happened was they message me, they go, Oh, I saw your post. What are you doing? They come to me, okay, drops in my inbox and she's a transformation life coach. And I'm like, um, I do this and this and this. And she goes, and I should tell you the story. This is how I landed my first client or envelop. She goes like this, I saw your view, I saw your video, I saw your video on linkedin. It's really, really great. How do you get this? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, technical thing to work. She couldn't figure out how he was doing it and I'm like, Oh, well I'm an engineer. I can help you. I know all these little tricks. I can help you, you know, with your mp four format or whatever. And she goes, really? Alexia Schlueter: 46:53 I'm like, yeah, but it's impossible to do over message. Can we just please talk on the phone, like I didn't even schedule a call or anything. I'm like, you've got to call my chief engineer right now and she'll just tell you how she does it. I can't do it. And I'm literally like literally just got on the phone to my engineer and like, Hey, I got a hot lead. Can you talk to her right now? And then I get on the phone with the, hey, I got ahold of my engineer. Can you guys get on the call? And I do a group call. Like we set them all up three at a time and introduced them. They just started yakking. She fixed her problem, signed her up solar just like on spot 25 minutes. And that was $3,000. That was for $2,000 a sales funnel purchase. Alexia Schlueter: 47:36 Yeah. Oh, so did she sign up for that software and everything too? Or just for this other programs you've signed up for another provider? Uh, with the community because I'm working with all these different firms. But the fact of the matter is, the reason why that lady decided to hire me was because I was right there at the moment that she had a problem and I showed up and I fixed it for I didn't ever try to sell anything for I can help you. I know how to fix it, here's how you can do it. And I gave her an action step which was to get her on the phone. And as soon as we finished, finished fixing her technical problem, then we were able to give, present our offer. And she just signed right up, down, whatever the second floor to what do they look like? Alexia Schlueter: 48:35 Okay? The second client I picked up from a networking event for one of my affiliates. So I went to a very big visionary business live networking event in San Diego. I market for Ryan Eliason. Okay. I send him leads. Literally they opt into his crm. Okay. And in exchange for that, Ryan's always giving me free everything, whatever. I want a Alexia, it's free, you can have it. So, um, he invited me to an event and since I'm one of his leaderboard, lead generation is one of his top people and as top 20 he said, Alexia, if you can sign up people to come to the event, I'd really appreciate it. So I am, I was able to sign up one other lady to come and so because that's what I do, I get people to show up in person. So myself and the lady showed up at the networking event and when I was there I just was treated like a princess. Ryan had me introduced to all these people. Here's my marketer, Alexia does marketing for me and it was just like, so now I'm signing up all the people from Ryan's group, I'm just following up because they're from all over the world. So once everyone flew back from San Diego, now I'm just messing with them and following up and signing them up. But I met a group from Australia, a very large company. And so, um, I was able to put together a high ticket offer and sign them up on a ticket. Nick Hauser: 50:28 Yeah, that's okay. The first one was 2000 x one must be 7,800 [inaudible] we said 9,800. What was included was it did they did. They purchased the software. Some coaching. What did that. What was that like? Alexia Schlueter: 50:40 That company in Australia has a very unusual business model. They have an existing company and what we're gonna do is we're going to piggy back that the new company off the old company. So they have two businesses at once to market. So that's why there are more high ticket. So we're building the custom software to integrate both the crm. Oh nope. Sorry. Nick Hauser: 51:24 Think I think you're back. Alexia Schlueter: 51:26 Yeah, it cut out. Okay. So this company has two businesses in one, so it has a complex data model. So we're building a custom integrated crm so we can put both of the businesses together and use the business as momentum to grow the business. That's why they're a high ticket customers. They're two companies in one. Nick Hauser: 51:59 Gotcha. Now to moving forward from here, the next, like after these first 30 days and you know, getting this momentum rolling and what are you planning on focusing with the businesses randy going to be the software or is it going to be coaching? What are you planning on really focusing on to scale things up higher. Alexia Schlueter: 52:18 Oh, great question. Okay. I've already accepted two offers for January. Once again, I'm going to continue to affiliate market for Christian because the connection is just too good and I just gained too much from learning from him because he's, as far as I'm concerned, a very specialty coach. He coaches for health coaches. He does business coaching for health coaches, so he's so long and with everything that I'm doing that I'm sticking with him, he's the one guy, um, he never gives up on me. I'm never giving up on him. So it goes both ways. So that connection is going to be just really fostering and a foundation for me. Then I have accepted a contract to do technical architecture for the business academy. I'm gonna continue enrolling people into business academy and building the software for the business academy. So that's my second big client Nick Hauser: 53:33 there. Is this sort of cuts you of the Business Academy? Is that crm we talked about earlier for everyone listening? Alexia Schlueter: 53:39 Yeah. That's the proprietary software that normally sells for a million dollars that you're going to be able to get for less than $10,000 a year on a subscription. Okay. That is a really special project and it's going to be growing a lot, longterm unsure. That's going to be a five year contract. Working with them, that's going to be my, um, probably half of my work. Um, then I'm actually launching my first product in January to my group, so I'm going to have a solo, kind of like a, a smaller end product, ie course that's not going to cost a lot of money, but it's basic basic lead generation skills and traffic driving skills that every business owner in website owner wants. And it's an addendum to the academy. The people in the academy get it for free. But if you just want to know all these great lead generating skills that I've accumulated, it's going to be an easy to just purchase that ecourse for me coming up soon. And then you'll, you'll, you'll have 20 times the amount of people to talk to you, you know, then you have now. Cool. And you know, to finish out here Nick Hauser: 55:14 in like one sentence, what would a very direct, simple piece of advice be for other members of the program? Alexia Schlueter: 55:22 Let's foster a community of relationship building. Because remember your Sam says this in the beginning, your money's coming from a person. When you generate revenue, even if they're a company, they're still a person you're going to be working with. So you want to focus on relationship building because before they're a customer, they're a prospect. So your relationship begins when you introduce each other. And then if you're happy, you're going to want to work together. It's going to be fun. People are going to want to work with you. So always come from the, the energy of building someone up. If there's anything you can do to make a contribution. I mean, come on, this is December, it's the season of giving. Don't worry about what you're going to give back. Believe me, they're going to endorse you that are going on, that are you. Don't worry about that. Alexia Schlueter: 56:35 Just foster the relationship because before someone's a client, they are a stranger and you're going to be working together whether you're, you provide health coaching services for them or you do marketing for them, whether they're a tax accountant in new market for them you have a relationship. It's not going to be any fun to work with somebody if it's, you know, you, you know, in advance, it only takes about two weeks really to get to know someone. Don't be afraid to just talk to them like they're a normal person or a friend instead of somebody you're going to get money from. Nick Hauser: 57:22 Gotcha. And Nicole is out here too. Where can people find more about you online if they are interested in that business academy software where they're interested in that product. You said you're going to be launching, where can they find you? Alexia Schlueter: 57:36 My site is alternative health, Once again, that's three words all together, alternative health, Nick Hauser: 57:49 Awesome. Well, let's see. It was great speaking with you today and I look forward to seeing, you know, you've got everything like focus now in order from where you were when you started in 2016, so that's really great to see. I, we'll just 30 days once you know, you reap the rewards of all that work you put in before and moving forward launching these other things. It seems like you have a lot going on and if you focus on really what's going to be the biggest driver for you, for what you want for your business, it'll help you the most. So great speaking with you again here and success in the upcoming future. Alexia Schlueter: 58:21 Thank you. So. Yep.