From $2,000-$20,000/Month Helping Real Estate Agents Get New Listings With Predictability

From $2,000-$20,000/Month Helping Real Estate Agents Get New Listings With Predictability


From $2,000-$20,000/Month Helping Real Estate Agents Get New Listings With Predictability.

Niche: Helping Real Estate Agents Get 4-6 New Listings With Absolute Predictability

Here's what we cover:

1. Where Brandon was before joining Consulting Accelerator. 

2. Why Brandon created a free Facebook group and Youtube channel.  

3. How Brandon gets clients and structures his offer. 

4. The specific section of real estate agents Brandon helps. 

5. Common trends and false beliefs in today’s real estate industry from Brandon’s point of view.

6. Brandon’s “Reverse Selling” method for teaching agents how to close more deals.  

7. The most transformative part of the program for Brandon. 

Brandon’s #1 piece of advice for members:

Do the work. 


Transcript / MP3

Nick Hauser: Welcome everybody, Nick Hauser here, and in today's interview I'm going to sitting down with Brandon Mulrenin, and Brandon has joined the Consultant Accelerator Program and now just recently a couple of days ago, the Up Level Consulting Program. And in just 60 days, Brandon has taken his business from two grand a month all the way until 20 grand a month. And what Brandon actually does is he helps real estate agents get four to six new listings with absolute predictability by teaching his reverse selling system. So we're gonna jump into exactly what that means, how Brandon made this transformation, and really dive in and hear the details. So Brandon, how are you doing today? Brandon M.: Doing awesome, man. Thanks for having me, Nick. Appreciate it. Nick Hauser: Awesome. So yeah, before joining the Consulting Accelerator, what was going on with your business, what did things look like? Can you touch on that a bit? Brandon M.: Yeah. Yup. So first I think it's important for people to understand that I was a real estate agent, or I am a real estate agent, have been for almost 14 years. And so I've been practicing in the field in which I actually teach now, which has helped me tremendously. So was a real estate agent, right, selling a lot of homes, had a lot of success in my own real estate agent business. And then about two and a half, three years ago, Nick, I started to, I've always wanted to train and coach real estate agents for a lot of different reasons, which we can talk about later in this interview. But I started to try to figure out how to do that. And I was really scattered. I was all over the place on how to teach and how to coach and how to consult with other real estate agents all over the country. So before I joined the Consulting Accelerator Program, it was just that, it was a little bit of this, a little bit of that. I had a little informational course that I would sell. I had a little bit of one on one. I had a little bit of group. I had a little bit of speaking live. I had a little bit of Facebook Lives. I mean, I was all over the place. And so that's what it looked like before I joined the program. Nick Hauser: And then you came in, and then you were doing all these different things, joined the program. What happened next? What was that first next step you took? Brandon M.: You know, there's a lot of transformational things that happened to me over the last two months. I mean a lot. And if I start with the most potent of all of them was to get organized. You know, what the program really helped me do was get organized with my niche, because that was a lot of confusion that I had in my own mind with you, with my conversations with you and with everybody is, am I in the right niche? Should I go all in, in this niche? Should I change niches? So getting really clear on that. Then getting really clear on my offer. What was it going to be specifically, tangibly that I was going to be able to teach another person, another real estate agent to actually get them a tangible result. And so the program helped me get clarity on those things, so, in my own mind, which gave me a lot of peace, and then it got me really organized with how I go about building my coaching and consulting business. So those are the two main things that it helped me with. Nick Hauser: What were some of the things that was maybe unclear before you joined and started to really dial things in? Brandon M.: Yeah. It was a lot to do with my own mindset, my own belief systems, my own, maybe insecurities on what it was that I was trying to do. And so it was that insecurity, Nick, that had me scattered before, right? Always questioning am I doing the right thing, should I be going after all these other things? It was a lot of shiny objects everywhere. It was very distracted mind is what I would call it, to where now the program just helped me really clarify my own belief system. The Mindset Training that Sam goes through, a lot of people talk about it inside the group and people don't understand it before they join. But I would just venture to say that the Mindset Training is probably, I won't say, well, I'll just say it's one of the most valuable pieces of training that I've ever had in my life, which is the mindset section. In that piece right there, just helped me crystallize more about who I am, what I have to offer, the value I have to give to the world, to my niche, and then the belief system that I have behind that. That was the thing that helped me go to the next level. Nick Hauser: Got it. And so you got clear on things, change a perspective on your mindset. What's your vision, mission and goals were and more of that confidence. What happened next? How did you go out and start speaking with these potential clients, with this new offer and confidence? What did that look like? Brandon M.: Yeah. So I'm really, took what Sam said about going after organic versus paid. You know, I really in the beginning, and I think this is an alignment with what you guys teach in that focus on organic. Everyone's so obsessed with paid traffic. And I looked at that inside my own head as like a shiny object that I wanted to stay away from in the beginning. And I wanted to go out there and master my offer, master my message, get really, really clear on my offer. And so I spent, it was all organic. So I focused on growing a private Facebook group that was free for any real estate agent across North America or really the world, to join for free. And I would lead conversations. I would provide people, leading with contribution, giving people free advice and free video content. So number one was I started a private Facebook group. Okay. So I started to grow that community, 'cause now I had a captive audience to listen to my message, right? That I was leading. So from a tactical standpoint for the audience listening to this now and in the future, that was number one. The second thing I did was, and this is a fine, fine line that Sam talks about. I grew my YouTube channel. And the reason I did that was I have a very, very specific niche in real estate agents, and I have a very, very specific message that real estate agents, whether or not I was doing this or not, are searching for this content anyway. And so I just became the, I just delivered something that these real estate agents were already looking for. And so that was the second thing. And then the third thing is the direct outreach, right? So I would, I am part of a lot of other private Facebook groups with inside the real estate agent niche. And I would join discussions, where they're talking about things that I specifically train on, that I would send them a direct message, friend request them just like the training program lays out, send them a direct message, ask to have a conversation about what it is that I can do to help them to jump on a strategy session. So those three things is what I focused on, and I still focus on to this day, to the point where, I mean I had one of my best months last month, you know, of creating $20,000 in income, pretty much all from organic methods. Nick Hauser: And so let's piece out a few of those things too. What made you think when you were saying, I'm going to start doing organic with everything new that I have joining the program, that you were going to create a Facebook group? Brandon M.: What had me start the Facebook group? Nick Hauser: Yeah. Brandon M.: Because what I teach with reverse selling, and the niche with inside my niche, which is very potent, I believe to own a private Facebook group that you own, that you lead, is a great way to provide your niche with contribution. So part of the reverse selling process that I teach that I believe in is leading first with contribution, in any relationship, but especially with a professional relationship. I think a lot of people out there are going out there and hard selling people from the get go, which doesn't resonate with a lot of people. So I created this group, right? Adding these people on to this group and pouring into these people, right? Like, hey, here's how you make your first call. Here's what you can say to set more appointments. Here's what you can do on the appointment. And I would essentially coach them from a high level for free, right? That's what I did. And naturally people, it's like the law of reciprocity. When you start to pour into people like this, naturally they're going to want to say, well, tell me more, tell me more and I want to learn more. And then I would invite them to have a strategy session with me where I went really deep on what it is that I do and people wanted to get involved. Nick Hauser: And how did you start growing that group? Like that make sense, I'm gonna make a group, law of reciprocity, but how did you actually get people in there? Brandon M.: So I would friend request people that were in other groups, and then I would just add them to my group. And I would just add them in Facebook, which you can do. And then before I did that, I had a bunch of content in there. So I would add them, they'd come in there, see all this free content and they would like, I've never had somebody get upset with me adding them to my group. It's all been like, oh my gosh, thanks for adding me to the group. Like this is awesome content. Thank you. And so I would just add them, I would add 15, 20 people a day into this group. And I would just pour daily content in there. Not a ton of stuff. I wouldn't spend hours and hours and hours on it, but I would do a video here or there and post that in the group, giving people really good free advice. Nick Hauser: Got it. And then the YouTube channel, because it is something that we typically say, you know, don't focus on growing a YouTube channel, because typically many people just want to grow YouTube channel to grow on, to just have a following. But for your specific niche in real estate, you mentioned that it was very important for you to do something like a YouTube channel and create that. So can you explain kind of how you created the channel and how you work that? Brandon M.: Yeah. And just to be clear, I agree 100 percent with what you just said, with what you and Jesse and Sam teach, in that most people want a YouTube channel and an Instagram and all this stuff to become famous. Like that is not why I did it. My YouTube channel's not big. It's just very specific. And so the reason I did it, let me give you an example. So there are tools out there that you can find out what keywords people are searching for already, right, with inside Google on YouTube. A lot of people know that. And so as an example, real estate agents right now about a thousand times per month search the keyword, what is the best script to use for this type of call? And so a thousand people, right now, before I even existed, are already searching that. So I would give them that content, right? And so right from day one, people would find this content organically because they were already wanting the information, and I just gave them the information and then at the end of the video ask them to schedule a strategy session with me, and they would, because I gave them the content they were looking for. And that's why I did it, because the research that I did led me down the path of understanding that real estate agents all over the world were already seeking out this specific information. And Nick, all I had to do was create a video answering their questions. Nick Hauser: So the importance of recognizing that demand that already existed. Would you say that was super important? Or actually helping your videos resonate and actually create something of value to them to even want to first click on it and watch. But then, you know, potentially book a call to speak with you. Brandon M.: That's exactly right. Had I not done that, I would listen to exactly what you and Sam and Jesse say, and I would have not started YouTube channel just for starting a YouTube channel. Hopefully get a following. No, I wouldn't waste the time on it. Nick Hauser: Got ya. And on Google too, you mentioned there was a way for you to search the keywords. How did you figure out those initial ones to start making videos? Brandon M.: What keyword, you mean? Nick Hauser: Well, not the specific keywords per se, but what was the tool that you were using, and how did that process look like? Brandon M.: Yeah. So the tool I use is, there's a Google Keyword Planner Tool, and then there's a YouTube Keyword Planner Tool. Most of them I think are free plugins to Google Chrome. So they're just plugins, and what you do is you type in, and so that's the first answer. Then the second answer is, so I teach real estate agents how to go after a specific niche with inside real estate and that is for sale by owners. Okay. So these are homeowners that are looking to sell their houses on their own. And so that's called a for sale by owner, right? So a lot of people know that. So what I did was, well, that's what I teach, that's what I'm really good at. Why don't I go on YouTube and Google and see how many times real estate agents are asking for the best for sale by owner script, or the best for sale by owner presentation. And lo and behold, Nick, what I found was a massive pot of gold, where real estate agents were already searching this one, two, three, 4,000 times per month. And so again, I just keep pouting content into that specific niche with inside my niche, and it just keeps working. People just keep finding the videos, and I point them to the link below to schedule a strategy session and just keeps happening like clockwork. Nick Hauser: Got it. So just to clarify too, you create these videos that people are already searching for, and they watch it and then at the end of the video you tell them, you're giving them a call to action, say, hey, you know, if you want to speak more about this, click the link below in the description or something like that. Brandon M.: That's exactly right. Nick Hauser: Got ya. So you started doing this and you know, let's dive into too, I said in the beginning, but who is your niche? Who do you help, what do you help them really achieve? What does that all look like? Brandon M.: All right. So my specific niche is real estate agents. And in North America, there are about 1.6 million active real estate agents. Now, the important thing to understand in this niche, like a lot of other niches, but the turnover rate in this niche is very high. It's about 92, 93 percent within the first two years of somebody becoming a real estate agent. And the reason for that is, coming into real estate, people think it's a very sexy business. I'm gonna make a whole bunch of money and it's easy. That's what they think getting in. And then they get into it and you find out, wow, this is really, really, really hard. And so that's the first thing that happens. They're in a lot of pain, because a lot of them quit their corporate job where they're making 100,000 or $80,000 a year to be a real estate agent, and so they left that income. So they're in a lot of pain. Number two is the advice and training and coaching that exists out into the marketplace in real estate isn't very good, so they don't have a lot of places to turn. And so what I teach people to do is a very specific, tangible process that I walk somebody through in eight weeks, that helps them go from struggling real estate agent, not getting any business, completely distracted, all over the place, chasing every shiny object, to a very specific process where they're getting now one or two new clients every single week with absolute predictability. And so I take them from this entire transformation from here to here. And it happens almost every single time. Nick Hauser: And now, why do they think once they leave that job or when they're thinking about leaving that job, that real estate is sexy and you can make a lot of money doing it. Where do those beliefs come from? Brandon M.: Bravo and HDTV. They see all these shows on TV of million dollar list in New York and million dollar list in Los Angeles, and all these shows, Nick, portray real estate to be like this thing that it isn't. They think you go pass your real estate exam, you automatically get a Ferrari, and then you automatically start making a million dollars a year. And there's only one percent of one percent of real estate agents that actually succeed at that level, that actually making a million dollars a year selling homes. But it's social media and TV and the news that makes real estate sound so appealing. I can be my own boss. I can make a million dollars a year and drive a Ferrari. Yeah, I want in. And it just doesn't work that way and that's where it comes from. Nick Hauser: And then once they get hit in the face with what reality is, what does it look like when an agent comes in, and they maybe me sign on with a bigger company and we've discussed this a bit, but can you walk through that process when new agent, and they quit their corporate job, they sign up and then are they given training? What does that look like? Brandon M.: Yeah. So real estate agents, just to your point, they pass the real estate exam, and then they go join one of these national companies. Everyone's heard of RE/MAX or Century 21 or whatever. And real estate agents for people that don't know are 1099 independent contractors. They are independent business owners. It's no difference than being a real estate agent versus opening a Jimmy John's franchise. Right? So they're their own business owner, which in the beginning they thought that that was really cool. And so they hire on with one of these major companies and the company says, Nick, welcome aboard. You get a handshake and now you're on your own. Good luck. Right? That's what you get. And so to answer your second question is no, there isn't any training. There's high level, high, high level like hey, you know, [inaudible 00:19:18] talk to your family and do social media and go door knocking and cold call. That's the training, right? It's not really specific. And so these real estate agents are left to try to figure this out on their own, which naturally, gives people like me a great opportunity to come in and mentor the, to show them a step by step system and strategy on how to grow this business. Nick Hauser: And some of the points too, because I think because it's 2018 and they get some of this high level training, but one that probably really sticks out to them is I got to be doing social media, because I can send some direct mail, I can do some of these things that make sense. But what I really think because I see everyone else doing and talking about it, is to do something on social media. Why do they start doing all that, and what are some of the pitfalls they experience when starting out just trying to be everywhere online? Brandon M.: Yeah. So social media, like a lot of things, is creating what I call a mirage of hope. And the mirage of hope is, hey, go do this social media thing, and the reason for it, Nick, is the real estate agent thinks it's the path of least resistance. And so like all human beings, we want the easy way out. Sam calls it, he recommends taking the hill, which is what I do, and what other successful real estate agents do versus taking like, what does he call it, the wheelchair path or something. And real estate agents think that social media, if they post on social media and say, ooh, I'm having an open house this weekend, that somehow, some magic wand is going to be waved, where all these clients are saying, yeah, come list your house with me. And it just doesn't happen, because it's just such a reactive way to try and go out there and get business. And quite frankly it's having the opposite effect. Just like you just said, what's happening with social media and real estate agents is people are sick and tired of seeing all their real estate agents in their local community talking about here's my new listing and here's my new open house. People don't care. They're not providing any value. But again, agents look at it as the path of least resistance. I can just go post something on social media, hope and pray that somebody sees it and reaches out to me, versus taking the hill and doing the hard work and prospecting and talking to people and direct outreaches. All the things that we talk about in order to proactively go out there and find new business. Nick Hauser: And so this is kind where you insert yourself with a lot of value for these people who've quit their job and they thought they were doing the correct thing, but then they quickly realize that I'm not getting the results I really wanted, even close. I'm making worse results than what I was staying in my job. At a high level too, how do you structure your offer to them? What does it look like? Can you jump into that? Brandon M.: Yup. Yup. Absolutely. So really our program is designed for a real estate agent to stay in it for years. Okay? Because it's not a finite, the information that I teach isn't finite, you don't just learn it and then you're done. You learn it and then you iterate forever, right? Because I'm teaching you a skill set. And so for the first eight weeks, somebody comes into our training program and they will learn the system. They'll learn the skills, the strategies, the processes, the systems. They'll learn all that. And they learn that by going through our online training course, our live training sessions, our live Q and A's. And they do that for the first eight weeks. And then once they get through that eight weeks, then they get into our coaching program. And our coaching program, essentially takes them, now you know the information, now it's time to implement this in your business. And so as you start to implement it in your business, naturally you're going to run into things where, hey, I'm making these phone calls, I'm having these conversations, I'm having these meetings, but here's what the people are saying, here's what the prospects are saying. How do I handle this? And so they speak with us on an ongoing basis, in our group coaching program where they come to our live training sessions and our live Q and A's every single week, for really it's designed for a whole career. But from a high level, that's what it looks like. Nick Hauser: And when you say live coaching and live Q and A's, do you mean in person or online? Brandon M.: Oh, I'm sorry. It all happens with inside of our private Facebook community. It's online. So we do our live Q and A's with a webinar, just like you guys teach, and then we do a live training once a week with inside of our Facebook group. Nick Hauser: Got it. So any agent across the country, they're able to attend so long as they're part of the program. Brandon M.: That's exactly right. Nick Hauser: Yeah. And now do you just specifically focus on the United States. Brandon M.: Right now, yes. Nick Hauser: Got ya. And I guess too, what are some of the things, you've mentioned a little bit, but this reverse selling system, that's come up a lot in our conversation and how it's different and how it actually helps them get better results than what they're taught or what they're led to believe. What is the reverse selling system and, how do you structure that? Brandon M.: Yep. So reverse selling is a method of communication that a salesperson can learn that goes against all conventional sales training and advice. And I'll give you an example. So what a lot of salespeople are taught to do is how to use high pressure sales tactics and strategies, like trying to overcome objections and use all this magical scripts and dialogues and that put the prospect in a position of high pressure, like I've got to make this decision and it's really high pressure, right? And for a lot of prospects, for a lot of human beings like you and I, we don't love to be sold, right? We like to get transformation, but we don't like to be pressured into doing things, like sign the contract, sign the contract, sign the contract. People don't respond well to that. And there's a lot of conventional sales training, especially in real estate, that teaches people that. Well what we're selling is, is teaching people a methodology of question based selling. So asking people specific questions about their situation, then that allows the prospect to answer their own questions, for them to pick their own path without any pressure. And so it's a lot of what Sam teaches as well. And it's based on the philosophy of Socrates's Socratic questioning. And so as an example of that, it might sound like this. So Nick, let me ask you, I mean, you've got a lot of different options as to which agent to hire to sell your property. Am I right? Nick Hauser: Yup. Brandon M.: And you would say, yeah, I got a lot of options. And so regardless if you hire me or not, I'm going to give you all the information that you need necessary to make sure that your house sells for the most money in the least amount of time. Is that fair? And the prospect says, yeah, that's great, that's fair. And that's an example of what I teach people to do, so that they can set more appointments, get face to face with more homeowners, and ultimately get more clients and more business. Nick Hauser: So it sounds like too you were able to identify the prevailing trend that was hurting your niche and the industry in general. How are you able to do that? Brandon M.: To teach it, or how did I come to the conclusion that this was a major problem? Nick Hauser: Yeah. So the typical high pressure sales, sign the contract, sign the contract, reverse selling makes total sense of how it goes against it and it gets better results. How did you actually see that from afar and say maybe this is not the right way and maybe there's something else I should start to try to experiment with. How did you create this? Brandon M.: Yeah, I love it. I love it. And here's how it happened. Remember at the beginning of our interview, I am a real estate agent. Okay. So for the first five or six years of my career, I was listening to all this advice, and go out there and be high pressure and close people and close people and close people over and over and over again. And I did okay. You know what I mean? I did okay. And what happened one day when it was like, this isn't who I am, as a human being, this isn't who I am. And I started to study a lot of unconventional sales training. Sandler Sales Training, Spin Selling, which is what Sam recommends, a lot of people learn how to do. And I said, you know what, let me try this in real estate. And I started to do this about five years ago, and my business took off like this, Nick, it just took off. And I said, wow, the prospects are really responding very well to a zero pressure question based relationship, where it's up to them to make their own decision whether or not we should meet, whether or not we should work together. And then I systematized it. And so to answer your question with specificity, it was trial and error and iterating, and saying this way just doesn't really work. I get a ton of rejections, tons of people just getting pissed off at you. And I said, there's gotta be a better way. So I went in a dark cave and I learned this new process, came out of the cave, trying it, iterating it over the last five or six years to the point where I had mastered it. It's taken my personal real estate business on a great ride upwards. And now I'm training agents to do it. And my students are witnessing and experiencing the same exact results that happened to me. Nick Hauser: Okay. And now if I was an agent too, and I came in, I listened to you say that, if I join, is that essentially what the reverse selling method is. Can I understand that from watching the video or if I join, do I get something extra? Do I get a script? Do I get training? How do you actually help the agent once they come into the program with implementation of this and understanding it? Brandon M.: Yeah. I train them on all of it. So I train them on all the scripts, dialogues, questions, the presentation, the material, the strategy, everything. So in that eight week program, I walk them through week by week, each step of the process, which is first communication, what to say, what not to say, how to say it. You get a role play and accountability partner to go through the program with. So you're really mastering your skillset. Then I teach you to what to do actually at the meeting and so what to say, what to bring, how to say it, how to do that. Then I teach you our entire followup system and strategy on how to take somebody from first meeting to the time where they invite you to come and talk to them about listing their property, and then I teach you the entire presentation and everything in between. So to answer your question, yes, I teach them everything, every single step, step by step until the point where they've mastered this entire reverse selling system. And they go through the program with a role play and accountability partner and myself. Right? So we have our two live sessions every week, so they're learning this continuously over time. Nick Hauser: Okay. Yeah. That makes sense. Now too, so it's only been 60 days you've part of Accelerator, and now you just joined Up Level a couple of days ago. What are you really looking to do over the next five, 10 years? What's your vision for where this company and what you're trying to do with all these agents? Brandon M.: Yeah, so the name of our company is Listing Agent Academy, and what we're looking to do next, here's the vision. The vision is for the first time in real estate, well, I want to create the number one training program in real estate across the world, the number one training system for a real estate agent to go through. That's number one. The second vision is to create a opportunity for somebody to get into that program for the lowest cost possible. So I'm looking to create the Amazon with inside real estate agent training, because here's what's happening today. There are other real estate trainers and coaches out there. They're very, very, very expensive and they provide low, low, low value. And real estate agents would give you that same feed back. And so what I'm looking to do is flip that model upside down. I'm looking to create the number one value added training system for all real estate agents in the world at a cost that's the lowest cost in the industry. And so that's my long term vision. Nick Hauser: And why do you want to do something like that? Why is that important to you to really just change the dynamics of an industry that's probably exists in a certain way for a long period of time. Brandon M.: Yeah. Number one is, I love this industry. What it's been able to provide for me and my family, I love it. Number two, the failure rate, Nick, is insane in this industry. There are amazing people running into this industry and failing and it's not their fault. Now sometimes it's their fault, but for the most part, the industry, Nick is failing them. The lack of leadership, the lack of culture, the lack of training, the lack of accountability and all of these things with inside real estate. We have great people get into the industry, the industry fails them and they have to leave the industry and go back to their corporate jobs that they cannot stand, that they hate going to. And so my goal is to solve for that. Nick Hauser: Got it. What's been the most transformative part of the program so far for you? Brandon M.: That's a hard one, because there's a lot. There's a lot. I would say, the most. So if I had to give you, if I use Sam's gun to the head, one answer, I would say, I would say the mindset. The way that Sam, it is truly, and this is what Sam calls the training, Seeing For The First Time. It is like, I'm 36 years old right now, and it is like I'm seeing the world for the first time, 36 years later. And so people don't understand that, if you're not in the program. People that are gonna watch this for years to come, those are just words today. There's no context around that for you that's watching this. But when you get inside the program, it literally is a 36 year old person seeing the world for the first time and how I understand what my behaviors mean. Like when I don't do what I'm supposed to, or I don't wake up on time, when I go to bed late, when I do all the things I'm not supposed to do, I understand why. How I'm creating this character, who I'm becoming, because my life 36 years on this planet, I am who I am, I am my current self, and I'm on a journey to become my new self. And so I would say mindset. Nick Hauser: Who is Brandon Miller and becoming moving forward? Brandon M.: Yeah, I mean it's the number one real estate agent trainer, not number one from a publication standpoint or becoming famous, but 40 years from now, real estate agents will look back and say, this one guy, this one person changed my life forever because of what he taught me, the results he got me for me and my family, and that's who I'm becoming. Nick Hauser: Got ya. What would the number one piece of advice be for new members coming in or members who are currently of the program who are looking for a piece of advice, piece of wisdom from you? Brandon M.: So it's the same advice I give all of my students. And I even got tee shirts made and I should have worn it today, but it's do the work, you know what I mean? You don't spend money, you don't invest in something and then automatically get a result. And that's what people want, all the time. Even my students. And that's what they think. It's the mirage of hope, Nick. They see this thing like Consulting Accelerator that can help take them from where they're at to where they want to go. And then just the fact that they join it, they think that it's solved. And that's the mirage. That's the illusion. And so my advice is you have to, in the beginning I was overwhelmed with like, okay, I got to do all this stuff. But you just chunk it down, you do the work and then you get the result. It's actions before outcomes. And most human beings want outcomes without taking any action. And so my number one piece of advice is just chunk this thing down. Just do one thing at a time, because time's gonna go by no matter what. The only difference, the only thing that's in question is as time goes on, will you have done the work to get the result when time passes? Nick Hauser: Yeah. I really like that advice. That's definitely something that a lot of people, outcomes without actions, they have it reversed it seems. But it's solid advice and your proof of implementing it the way you are recommending that it does work. So it's good to see that too. And to wrap up here too, if any agents out there, anybody wants more information on you or your program, where can they find you? Brandon M.: Yeah, I mean probably the easiest place is just finding me on Facebook. Brandon Mulrenin. And then you can send me a message on there. Nick Hauser: For other member, too, how do you spell Mulrenin? Brandon M.: Yep. It's M as in Mary, U-L-R-E-N-I-N, as in Nancy, Mulrenin. Nick Hauser: Awesome. Well yeah, Brandon, it's been great talking to you so far and seeing your transformation, and based on the vision you have and I know we've been really waiting for somebody too, to take control of real estate, similar to what Andrew has done with accounting. We have Alberto, who has taken over life insurance and such. So we're really looking for somebody to take hold of an industry that is massive, but there seems to be a lot of distortion in it, and you're somebody who can actually bring people closer to get them better results and really make an impact in their lives, which is awesome. So I love hearing your story. I love seeing where you're gonna go. And it was great speaking with you today. Brandon M.: Yeah. You as well, Nick. I can't thank you guys enough. I mean, you guys will be a big part. I'm gonna do the work, but you, Sam and Jesse are one of the biggest reasons why you put people like me in a position to reach these visions, so thank you as well. Nick Hauser: Yup. [inaudible 00:38:38] Great speaking with you and I'll talk to you soon. Brandon M.: See you, man. Nick Hauser: See you.